Accessing Grade Book as a Guest

Guest access to a section's grade book allows administrators, counselors, teachers to have a READ-ONLY view of the grade book to assist teachers, review and enter grades and scores, and troubleshoot issues. Access to grade books is strictly read-only through this view.

There are two ways to access a section's grade book as a guest, through the teacher's Schedule tab or the Sections tab of the Courses tabset. You can also browse individual student information one course at a time.

By Teacher

PATH: Census > People > Schedule

New Look: Census > Staff > Teacher Schedule

Use the Schedule tab to access a grade book for a specific teacher. Click the blue Grade Book link to launch that section's grade book in another window.

If prompted to search for a name, make sure to search for the teacher name (last, first).

Accessing a Section's Grade Book through the Teacher's Schedule

By Course/Section

PATH: Scheduling > Courses > Section > Grade Book

New Look: Scheduling & Courses > Courses > Course Sections

Users with rights can also access a section's grade book from the list of a course's sections. Click the blue Grade Book link to launch that section's grade book in another window.

Accessing the Grade Book from the Section tab

By Student

PATH: Index > Student Information > General > Grades Tab

New Look: Student Information > General > Grades

In addition to being able to view the teacher's grade book as they see it, you can also view what parents and students see on the portal.  To do this, search for a student and browse to the path above.  On the grades tab you will see the student's courses.  Under each course is an icon that looks like a small blue clipboard. Clicking this icon will show the student's assignments for that particular course.

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