Household Maintenance 

The Census module tracks every person with an entry in Infinite Campus - parents, staff, students, emergency contacts, doctors, etc. Demographic data is used throughout Campus, utilizing historic details of each person. It is important to ensure that all information entered is accurate and up-to-date.   

Understanding Households in Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus demographic information is configured around “households”. A Household is a family unit containing members and an address.   

Households may contain multiple students with school enrollments to multiple school sites.  When households are created, updated, or changed in any way, data is entered once, even if there are students in different school sites.  When changed the address and household telephone number will be updated in real‐time and for all members tied to the household.  Address and parent/guardian contact information updated for one student, the household information for siblings is automatically updated.

Address & Phone Numbers

Every household must have only one Primary Address.  Primary address changes must not be processed without the proper residence verification and Change of Address form.




Every household must have at least one guardian.  There are a two potential issues when addressing households with missing guardians:    

  • Relationship Maintenance - The person is already in the household but the 'Guardian' checkbox is not checked.
  • Maintain household members
    • The Person who is Guardian needs to be added to the household.
    • The Person is a guardian living in a separate dwelling and a split household needs to be created.

Emergency Contacts

Census Tools

Census Reports

Ad Hoc Reporting > Data Export > _Demographics/Enrollment Instructions 
1Clean up - Students w/o Address an ReportClean-Up Households    
2Clean up - Students in Household by Themselves Report

Students without Guardians

3Clean up - Students w/o Address and Household Report

Students Not in a Household

4Clean up - Students with multiple addresses Report/wiki/spaces/SC/pages/235078047
5Clean up - Students without a Household ReportMaintain Household Members
6Clean up - Students w/o Household Guardians ReportStudents without Guardians
7Out of District Students ReportSchool Choice