Process for Custody Changes at the school level If a guardian comes in to the school to provide updated custody documents, please give them a copy of the attached letter. This letter explains that they need to go online to to complete an online registration and make an appointment with the Central Enrollment Center so that we can make all updates to custody, address/household, emergency contact information, parent portal access, etc.

  • Do not take a copy of the custody document. If you take a copy of the custody document, many parents mistakenly believe that they have done all that they need to do by providing it to their student’s school.

  • Do not upload the custody document to IC.

  • Do not add a custody flag.

Advise the new parent/guardian that they will not have access to the child or the parent portal, and their information is not on the student file in Infinite Campus until they complete the enrollment process.

If there is a concern or situation that needs handled immediately, contact the Custody Department at 380-997-7392 while the parent/guardian is in your office. We will ask that you email the custody document to The custody department will advise the school. We may make updates to IC, if necessary, until the parent can get to Central Enrollment.


Important: Please remember that a Protection Order is NOT a custody document. Do NOT send a parent to the Central Enrollment Center with Protection Orders. Protection Ordersshould be emailed to Wanda Lillis at the Legal Department. Also, if the legal office advises you to upload a Protection Order, the document type should NOT be “Custody”. If the Legal Department advises you to add a flag for a Protection Order, the flag type should NOT be “Custody” (It should be a Family Alert flag).


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