Columbus City Schools uses a custom transcript within Infinite Campus. Use the links below to view, print or edit transcript entries.

When using the Classic View of Campus, Transcripts can be accessed from either Student Information > General OR Student Information > Counseling > General > Transcripts.

The main view of the Transcript, called the Main screen. This view is a read-only view of the student's transcript records, (usually) organized by the school year, usually with the most current school year first. This view displays basic course information - the year the course was taken and in which school, grade level, course number and name, whether the course was repeated, the score received, GPA related fields (Weighted, Unweighted, Weight), credit information (Earned, Attempted, Credit Type), length of the course (Actual Term, Terms Long), and a Comments field. 

For additional Transcript information and how to navigate the Transcript Tab visit Infinite Campus Community.

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