There are various events that lead to a students withdraw from Columbus City Schools (CCS). Events include, but are not limited to; changing school districts, moving out of the country, student has reached age 18 and has indicated they will not be returning to school, or they are non-attending and unable to locate. CCS has adopted a comprehensive End Status Withdrawal Codes and Guide to aide in the understanding of which withdrawal code to use, and the necessary documentation needed to support the use of each code.  

If a student is withdrawn to a drop-out reason or is found to be enrolled into a school other than the one the student was withdrawn to, it is important to update the withdraw code as soon as possible.  The original withdrawal form is to be re-submitted with supporting documentation.  See below for details.

When a withdrawal event occurs it must be documented either by way of a records request, the Student Withdrawal Form or the Unable to Locate Student Checklist.  All forms must be uploaded to the CCSDAS system when processing a withdrawal.  When the Enrollment Specialist processes the withdrawal, they will upload the documents to the student's Documents Tab in Infinite Campus.

Columbus City Schools (CCS) introduced a new platform for processing withdrawals. The Distributed Application Service (DAS) platform has been designed to streamline process and allow access from within or outside the CCS network. 

CCS has adopted Board Policies and Administrative Guidelines to aide in the understanding and operation of student withdrawals. Please refer to the Board Policies & Administrative Guideline section below. 

Please reference the additional pages below for quick access to necessary forms, news & updates, as well as detailed material on processing a withdraw using the new DAS platform and understanding the Unable To Locate Student Checklist.

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