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Application for the reassignment of a student to an existing stop other than the regularly assigned stop or route.

Guidelines for the form are as follows:

  • The parent/guardian completes the Request for Transportation Reassignment form, signs it and turns it in to the school of attendance.
  • The principal or District designee will sign the form and forward it to Transportation.
  • If possible, Transportation will assign the student to the closest existing stop on an existing route.
  • The assignment will be on a space available basis.
  • Transportation will not adjust or create a stop for the alternate address.
  • Transportation will notify the school of the assignment and the school will notify the parent

When submitting a REQUEST FOR REASSIGNMENT - FORM 1, the secretary should EMAIL THE FORM AS FOLLOWS:

K - 8 } Brad Danielson - 

9 - 12} Greg McCandless - 

Special Education - 

  • Student numbers are needed to trouble shoot or request routing. Just put the student’s number in the subject line.
  • All concerns and complaints must be called into 614-365-5074. This will facilitate logging, tracking & resolution.