Course offerings

To view a list of courses offered for the 2022-2023 school year.

Virtual Learning during and after school

  • Virtual Learning is offered in two versions of coursework for school-based students:

    Credit Advancement courses, also known as Original Credit (OC) in Apex are courses that students can take for the first time online through Apex coursework.

    Credit Recovery courses are courses available to students who have failed a course in a traditional class and need to make up the credit(s). Students can take Credit Advancement and/or Credit Recovery courses during the school day or after school, depending on their home school schedules.


Virtual Learning Grad Completion

Virtual Learning Grad Completion offers expanded learning opportunities for all CCS *Non-Grads to earn credits through our virtual learning platform. This enables students to complete their high school diploma requirements online, choosing from a full complement of Apex courses including: literature, history, science, mathematics, physical education, foreign languages, technology, the arts and health. 

Students can work from home or utilize the Grad Completion Lab located on the beautiful campus of Fort Hayes High School, Center Building 101, Room 205. Lab Hours: Monday- Friday from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. 

Evening support is offered virtually and includes access to teacher support and Zoom tutorials.


VCAP Sign-In/Sign-Out Daily Log

Due to Internal Audit review of appropriate supervision during the 2022-23 school year, attendance logs must be kept as follows in order to address our deficiency as of May 5, 2023.

  • All logs are to be kept on a daily basis.  (See attached log that is to be used.)  

  • All logs are to be scanned and emailed or hand delivered to the attendance secretary at each individual High School within two school days of the Virtual Learning lab closing. 

  • All after-school Virtual Learning teachers are responsible for entering their positive attendance into the student information system on a daily basis. 

  • The sign-in/sign-out logs should be stored in the attendance office for daily attendance and made available to the SDS’s and other management team members in order to complete quarterly and periodic checks.

  • During boot camps or any weekend activities, a sign-in/sign-out log should be maintained and hand delivered to the attendance secretary at each individual high school within two school days of the Virtual Learning Boot Camp ending time.


Positive Attendance

Positive Attendance records student attendance on a time basis, indicating the student was present in a class, whereas standard attendance recording indicates the student is absent or tardy from class. This is set up on a course-by-course basis, and is used at CCS only for approved courses, such as VCAP or Internships, where students may not attend on a regular schedule.

For instructions on entering Positive Attendance, see instructions by clicking here.


Test Proctoring/Attendance

Verification of an adult actively proctoring an APEX test/exam is critical to the academic integrity of the program. To accomplish this:

  • The classroom teacher who is actively proctoring during the school day will take attendance during class.

  • The after school teacher who is actively proctoring will take positive attendance during after school APEX.

  • The staff member who is actively proctoring at lunch, outside of a students regularly scheduled class location, or during a time period when school is not in session (ex. Winter break) will document in the PLP when a test/exam is proctored and select Grad Completion Testingin the drop down PLP menu for reporting purposes. 

Proctoring APEX via Zoom

 Because of the various learning experiences of CCS students (full day CCP, Non -Grads, home instruction, workforce readiness experiences, etc.), not all students attend classes at a CCS school and therefore it is challenging to get their APEX tests/exams proctored. In order to meet the needs of our students, teachers supervising APEX may actively proctor tests/exams via Zoom one student at a time as long as all four steps are completed prior to testing: 

  1. The teacher enters the date and time the test is proctored into the student’s PLP and selects Grad Completion Testing in the drop down PLP menu, 

  2. The student has his/her camera on to confirm the student’s identity, 

  3. The student completes the Code of Conduct prior to each test, and

  4. The student shares their screen while taking the test and the teacher monitors for any unusual behaviors (ex. student sitting inactive for long periods of time, student talking with others during a text/exam, students completing the test in an unusually short period of time). Expected testing times are listed for each test which can be used to compare the amount of time it took to complete the test. If the teacher experiences any concerning testing situations, the teacher will lock the test immediately, document the situation in the student’s PLP, and that student can only test face-to-face for future assessments. 





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