Entering CCP Grades

For the examples below, we are using CSCC HISTORY 1151 and 1152.  The 1151 course is offered semester 1, and the 1151 course is offered semester 2. 

Teacher Grade Entry

Path:  Campus Instruction > Grade Book

  • Open the Campus Instruction Module and click on Grade Book
  • Choose the appropriate quarter and course.  In the example below, History 1152 is a second semester course, so we want to be sure to choose Q4.

  • This quarter is where all assignments should be entered, and the final grade posted.
  • If you have entered assignments in a different quarter, you can easily go to that assignment and switch it to the correct term.

Administrator Grade Entry

If an Administrator needs to add or modify grades, their screen will look a little different.

Path: Search > Course/Section

  • Enter the course and click  
  • Select the appropriate section, then choose the Grading by Task tab

  • Enter grades in the appropriate task
    • Semester 1 courses - Q2 - Final
    • Semester 2 courses - Q4 - Final