Useful Graduation / EOY Reports

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Graduation - Useful Graduation/EOY Reports

Last Revision Date: November 12, 2019

The reports below are useful for end of year / graduation tasks

Transfer Grades

Index > Ad Hoc Reporting > Data Export > _Graduation > Transfer Grades on Transcript

Students with Transfer Grades need to have those grades uploaded to the Documents tab. This report identifies students with transfer grades posted to the transcript so that they can be checked. This is one of the requirements in the EOY checklist.

Grad Planner Report

Index > Grading & Standards > Reports > Grad Planner

The Grad Planner will provide a quick at-a-glance view of the assessments, credits and demographic data for your students by cohort year. 

Graduation Points Report

Index > Grading & Standards > Reports > Graduation Points

This report provides an overview of graduation points and credentials for each student. It includes:

  • EOC Exam Points

  • Advanced Placement Assessments

  • International Baccalaureate Assessments

  • College Credit Plus courses

  • ACT / SAT Assessments

  • Credentials & Work Keys Assessments

The report has PDF bookmarks by the students last name, but you must save the document in order to view the PDF with bookmarks. 

Graduates Report

Index > Student Information > Reports > Data Verification Reports > Graduates

This report can pull the following information:

  • Graduate Verification 

    • Identifies missing fields on the Graduation tab

  • Total Graduate Counts by School and Cohort

    •  Identifies the count of graduates by cohort for school year

  • Graduation Additional Options 

    • Identifies students for whom you have entered additional graduation options 

  • Mismatched Cohorts between Infinite Campus and ODDEX

    • Identifies if the cohort in Infinite Campus is different from the set cohort in ODDEX

  • Grad Class Dropout Verification

    • Identifies students who are counting negatively in your graduation rate

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