Graduation Tab Data Entry Requirements for Grads and Non-Grads

For the 21-22 school year, the Graduation tab must be completed by May 31, 2022 10 a.m.


Counselor actions are detailed in blue directly below and in red boxes on the graphic.

Enter the Diploma Date:

Enter the date of the school/district’s graduation ceremony or, for former non-grads, the date they complete all graduation requirements.

  • This date usually corresponds to the date of the school’s graduation or the district’s summer graduation ceremony. If they are regular, end of year graduates, students will be withdrawn automatically, but if they graduated early, ask secretaries to submit the withdrawal form. If students are in the Grad Test Required calendar, counselors should send those to EMIS_STAFF to withdraw.

  • When a former non-grad student does complete graduation requirements, enter the date that the student completed all requirements. This could be the date a student took and passed their final OGT (ex. 10-01-2018), or the date a student completed a final course In APEX and that final grade is posted (ex. 11-4-22) Make sure you work with the records secretary to then WITHDRAW the student (this includes students who DID meet graduation requirements on time but the grad tab was not completed on time)!

Diploma Type: Select

“Regular Diploma” (1-this is the type for most graduates) OR one of the old or new Honors Diploma types. Most students who qualify for an Honors Diploma types. Most 2021 students who qualify for an Honors Diploma will qualify under one of the three established types:s: Academic (2), IB (4- for CAHS) or Career Technical (5).

CORE Grad Requirements Met:

At this time, check this for ALL graduating students AND for non-grads who met the minimum State course requirements for graduation.

CORE Economics and Financial Literacy & CORE Fine Arts Requirement Met:

At this time, check this for ALL graduating students AND for non-grads who have completed this requirement.

  • Indicates if a student has met the CORE Economics and Financial Literacy the CORE Fine Arts Requirements.

Courses Completed Date:

For students who met all requirements, including course requirements and testing and have a Diploma Date entered, just leave this box blank - no need to select anything. It will default to 0000 for state reporting.

For students who meet the requirements of the Social Graduation Policy (students on IEPs who have finished all graduation requirements but will stay on in the district for special programs under a 23 grade level), enter the date they completed course requirements. No Diploma Date is entered until they withdraw/finish with CCS.

For students who have completed all course requirements but still need to earn a graduation pathway, enter the date the student completed all coursework. You may enter this date prior to the entry of the code “75” withdrawal. Would not apply for students graduating between June - August 2022.

  • For students withdrawn with code “75” - Student Completed Course Requirements, but did NOT pass the appropriate statewide assessments required for graduation

  • Enter the month and year in which the student completed the course requirements for a diploma.

Exempt CORE Grad Req.:

Only select an option here if you have an IEP student using the Alternate Pathway to Graduation. Please double-check with your spec.ed. Transition Coordinator for this category. It is their responsibility to share this information with you. See Options, “3” below.

  • The Ohio CORE exemption status of a student.

  • Options:

    • “ * ” - Student has not opted out of Ohio CORE requirements (Default-You do not have to select)

    • “ 1 “ - Student opted out of the Ohio CORE requirement as described in 3313.603(D) (parent waiver)

    • “ 2 “ - Student is attending drop-out prevention and recovery program with an approved waiver from ODE and student has opted out of the Ohio CORE requirements as described in 3313.603(F) (dropout-prevention and recovery program)

    • “ 3 “ - Student’s IEP requires substantial modifications to curriculum; student receiving diploma by meeting IEP goals instead of by meeting CORE requirements -Make sure you verify this status for an IEP student with your building’s Special Education coordinator and verify that this is indicated on the IEP. You would usually do this when you compete Graduation Notification Agreements for all students.

Exempted from Physical Education Graduation Requirement:

Check only for students who met this requirement through an approved CCS PE Waiver application.

  • Indicates if the district has adopted a policy to exempt certain students from the Physical Education graduation credit requirement and if the student has met the policy’s requirements.

OGT/EOC Only Box:

Check this box when students in the Graduation Requirements calendar or EOC only (non-grad students) fulfill a graduation pathway and are ready for graduation.   *When a student fulfills a grad pathway, you may enter the date they met this graduation requirement in the Diploma Date box. All other graduation tab fields would also be entered as directed in this guide.


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