State Graduation Seals


Enter State Seal Information on Graduation Tab

Index > Student Information > General > Graduation
At the bottom of the Graduation Tab, you will find the State Seal Information section.  It has been updated to include not only the Seal of Biliteracy and Ohio Means Jobs, but also all of the state Diploma Seals from ODE in the drop-list. 

  • Choose the Status of the Seal from the first drop-list:

    • Complete

    • In Progress

    • Not Completed

  • Next, choose the State Seal to add from the second drop-list

  • Enter the Date Earned

  • To add additional seals, click the Add State Seal button


If choosing the Seal of Biliteracy, enter the Language from the last drop-list

Follow the instructions here to print the student's transcript. 

As of Feb 18, 2021, only the Seal of Biliteracy appears on the printed transcript. If the information is entered correctly on the Graduation tab, a Seal of Biliteracy section will appear near the bottom.

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