Creating a Graduation Parent Signature Form

NEW FOR 2020-2021

This form is for parent to indicate that they have reviewed their student’s Graduation Notification Agreement provided by their school counselor.

Create Graduation Parent Signature Form

Click below for a brief instructional video. This video picks up where you have already selected a student, browsed to Index > Student Information > General and clicked on the Forms tab.


Path: Index > Student Information > General > Forms > New 

  • Browse to the path above

  • If you have not already selected a student, you may be prompted to search for a student at this point.

  • Once you have selected the student, click the Forms tab and choose

  • Choose Graduation Notification Signature Form from the Select Form list


The form will appear with all fields already populated.

  1. School Address & phone number

  2. Student Name

  3. Confirmation checkbox*

  4. Principal Name & Title

If anything is inaccurate, it can be edited here. If everything is correct, click Save & Stay.

*NOTE: This check box can only be marked by the parent/guardian via the portal


Send for E-Signature

Next, the form must be made available for parents to sign in the portal. Click on Review Participants:


Parents must have a portal account in order to e-sign documents.

If the parent does not have an account, you will not be able to send the form to be e-signed. On this screen, click Close. Direct the parent to create a portal account. Your building secretary can assist with this process. There are also directions that can be found here.


If the parent does have a portal account, you will see the Form Detail screen slide out from the right. Click Request eSignatures.

You will get a confirmation that the form will now be read-only. Click Request eSignatures again.


The forms tab will now show that the document is awaiting the parent signature.


What the Parent Sees

  • On the Today menu, parents will now see the the Graduation Notification Signature Form form in the Documents Need Attention section.

  • They must click on this form to view and sign

  • Complete documentation at the link below:


Mark Parent Signature Form as Complete

Once the document has been signed, it will appear on the forms tab with an action required label.

Click on the label, then click the Complete button at the bottom.

When the confirmation message appears, click the Complete button again.

The document now has a locked & signed label and can no longer be modified.


Signature Override

In the event that there is more than one guardian, the teacher can override additional parent signatures, since only one signature is required for the form.

To do this, open the form as mentioned above, and click on Review Participants.

Next, select the checkbox next to the signature you wish to override. Add a comment for the reason, then click Save Override.

IMPORTANT: At least ONE parent signature is required. Do not override all parent signatures.


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