Recording Internship Hours

Updates for 2018-19 included below.

Internship Details

Path:  Index > Student Information > General > Counseling > General > Internship Tab

1New StatusClick here to create a new Record
2Status DateDate that record was added.  Defaults to current day
3Status TimeTime that record was added.  Defaults to current time.
4Internship Start DateDate Internship started
5Internship End DateDate Internship ended
6Contact nameContact person for the internship
7HoursList the total hours earned during this internship
8TypeType of Internship, choose from list
9Hours Earned In
NEW Select the school year in which the hours were earned. This helps determine eligibility for certain graduation paths
NEW Additional comments can be added here.
11SaveClick when finished to save record

How Earned

HIDDEN no longer used

Course Code
HIDDEN no longer used

2018 Cohort hours
HIDDEN no longer used

Important Note

You cannot enter more than one record with the same date/time.  If you have multiple records to enter, make sure the time has moved to the next minute.  If it has not, you can alter the time if necessary.

Internship Hours

Path:  Index > Student Information > General > Counseling > General > Internship Hours Tab

  • This tab is no longer used, and has been set to READ ONLY for historical reference


Path:  Index > Grading & Standards > Reports > Internship Hours

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