New Student Notification

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Scheduling - New Student Notification

Last Revision Date: August 30, 2019

Central Enrollment does not contact each individual school to inform them of a new student.  It is up to the school to run the New Enrollment Notification report to view all newly enrolled students in their building.  This report is found In Infinite Campus. Path: Index > Student Information > Reports > New Enrollment Notification.

Certify will also send a notification that a student’s enrollment start date is equal to the current date.  You will receive this notification as a reminder that the student needs to be given a full schedule as of the enrollment start date.

A student must have a schedule the first day they are enrolled. The scheduler must view the student's enrollment history to determine the appropriate start date. For example, if a student’s enrollment begins on 8/31/2018, but the student does not attend school until 9/05/2018, the schedule start date MUST be 8/31/2018. The scheduler must then ensure that the absences for 8/31/2018 and 9/04/18 are entered on the student's attendance.