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Create Parent Notification Letter

3GRG Parent Notification Letters are created using a Fillable Document Form (FDF) that is embedded directly into Infinite Campus.  There are three types of letters available:  iReady, OST and KRA (Kindergarten students only).  Be sure to choose the appropriate letter for your student. The form is already connected to the individual student you select, so some fields will be automatically populated. Since the form is already in Infinite Campus, there is no need to fill out, scan, and upload this document.

Many teachers choose to default their login screen to the Campus Instruction module. In order to add a flag to a student, you must be in the Campus Tools module. Instructions for switching between these modules can be found here.

Create a New Letter

Path: Index > Student Information > General > Forms tab

  • Browse to the path above

  • If you have not already selected a student, you may be prompted to search for a student at this point.

  • Once you have selected the student, click the Forms tab and click the New button at the bottom left 

  • Click on the appropriate letter for your student, based on the assessment they are taking



  • Select the radio button that best describes why the student is receiving the letter.  The first selection is for students who are not on-track.  The second is for students who are on-track, but a RIMP is being developed to document reading progress.  This is a required field, you must select one option.

  • Finish completing the form by checking the appropriate boxes for proposed services.


NOTE: The OST letter does not have the radio buttons for off track / documenting reading progress, but still has the proposed supplemental services that should be entered.


  • After completing the form, click the Save & Stay button at the bottom


  • If you are finished editing the form, make sure to then click the Lock button. When prompted, then click the Lock & Publish button. This will publish the form into the Parent Portal.


NOTE: If you need to go back and edit the form, simply click the Unlock button, make your changes, then save and Lock it back.



Click Save & Stay, then Lock
Click Lock & Publish so parents can sign via portal




Sample iReady Letter

Sample OST Letter

Sample KRA Letter

Sample iReady Letter

Sample OST Letter

Sample KRA Letter







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