User Security / Additional Tool Rights

Infinite Campus permissions are automatically granted based on your job classification.  

Public School Works Requirements

Public School Works  - Some Job Classifications that utilize BehaviorScheduling, and Attendance modules (Administrators, Principals, Counselors, Secretaries and Instructional Assistants) are required to complete an annual knowledge assessment for each module.  If you have completed a PSW assessment after the first day of the school year submit a Infinite Campus Support ticket to have the module access turned on.  For detailed information regarding the Annual Knowledge Assessment please review the Public School Works (PSW) page.

Additional Tool Access

For access to a tool or module within Infinite Campus not typically given to your job classification, an Additional Tool Rights form must be submitted and approved.  The form can be found on CCSDAS

  1. After logging in to the CCSDAS, expand General Request > IC Additional Tool Rights, then click Create

  2. Your name, employee number and email address will populate automatically

  3. Choose the correct district assignment (your job role) from the list

  4. Enter the best number to reach you during the day

  5. If there is an alternate number to reach you, enter it here

  6. Provide a detailed explanation of the access needed and the purpose for the additional access

  7. Enter the date the additional access is needed. If it is temporary, indicate this as well

  8. Your supervisor’s name and email will appear here. They will receive an email for initial approval

  9. Click the submit button to send in your request


Department of Accountability & Other Support Services
Division of Information Management