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Expectations for Behavior Data Entry

All behavior incidents resulting in an office referral must be entered into Infinite Campus. Beginning in the 2018-2019 School year -  All  staff will submit Behavior Referrals online using the Infinite Campus Behavior Referral Tool.

Why Reliable Data Matters

For students to learn and teachers to teach, schools must be a safe environment.  Having accurate and timely data is critical for enabling school and district leaders to effectively focus resources and interventions aimed at improving the safety and security of all students, staff and school facilities.

Guide to Student Success

The Guide to Student Success is used by administrators when deciding consequences or resolutions for the student.  The booklet can be found on the CCS website at

Behavior Management

Every year, to receive your Infinite Campus tool rights you must first take the Infinite Campus Knowledge Assessments on PublicSchoolWorks and pass with an 80% or above proficiency.  If the PublicSchoolWorks Assessment is completed after the first day of school please submit a Support Ticket to have your tool right to Behavior Management activated.  

Users with Behavior Management tool rights will have access to modify submitted behavior referrals, assign behavior resolutions, generate behavior letters, and change the status of the behavior referral to complete. 

Behavior Letters

We are required to send a letter home each time a student is removed from the educational setting. A copy of behavior letters that remove the student from the educational environment are required to be uploaded to the student's Infinite Campus documents tab. If the behavior event does not remove the student from the educational environment, a copy of the behavior letter is filed in the student's individual behavior file.  For instructions on how to print Behavior and Suspension Letters click here => Generating a Behavior Letter

Students cannot be sent home for early leave due to behavior without having a behavior incident recorded.

If the parent/guardian elects to sign the student out early for behavior reasons and the Administrator has not removed them it will be coded as Early Leave Unexcused (EUX).

Guideline for Recording Behavior Events and Resolutions for Cross-Enrolled Students

For cross enrolled students with a behavior event, please see the attached guidelines for instructions on how to properly record the behavior and attendance.