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What is Certify?

Certica’s enterprise data quality solution, Certify, allows Columbus City Schools to automatically monitor, measure and report on data quality and compliance issues – enabling school and district data owners to ensure funding, accountability and high-quality data.

Quick Answers

How do I log in?

Once you have begun receiving a Daily Certification Scorecard, click the hyperlink in the email to view scorecard and detailed results. The link will open in a web browser. To access Certify without the daily email choose the Certify Login Link below.  

Login using your Active Directory username and password. This is the same username and password that you would use to log into your computer, to email, or Infinite Campus.

How do I fix data violations?

Each rule in your scorecard looks at specific data and makes sure the data it is valid. If a rule appears on your scorecard, the Data Certification Table needs to be reviewed. From the scorecard, select the "Rule" name to open the data table.  The Data Certification Results will outline the specific records to be reviewed.  The review will take place on Infinite Campus.  

Our prescription pages list all of the rules defined in Certify, and 'prescription' for how to fix them. Some may be simple fixes that can be described in a sentence or two, others will link to a page with step-by-step documentation and/or videos to assist you.

What do all these terms mean?

For a glossary of terms used with Certify, click here.

Where do I go to get help?

You should always start here for information regarding Certify. If the answer to your question is not listed on these pages, please send us a support ticket.

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