How to Register for 2023-2024 Summer Experience


Log in to your Parent Portal account by opening an internet browser and going to the Columbus City Schools website at and clicking the Parent Portal button from the home page. Click Existing User Login.


Once logged in, scroll down to the Quick Links and click Summer Experience.

Confirm information and click Next - If information is not correct, please complete an Annual Update before submitting application.

Read the information and click the blue button for additional information if you have additional questions.

Click the blue “New Summer Experience Application” button next to the student you wish to sign up.

For Elementary and Middle School students, you will choose the school you’d like your student to attend.

After selecting the school, you will be asked to select a bus stop if you’d like transportation to be provided by Columbus City Schools. Click the circle across from the bus stop closest to your home. You are not required to select transportation if you’d like to provide transportation yourself.

After selecting the bus stop, click Register.

The bus stop you select will pop up after you click Register, click Confirm.


**If you do not need a bus, click Register and then confirm in the pop up box.

You will then see that your student has been registered.

To enroll a High School student for virtual credit recovery, click the blue “New Summer Experience Application” next to your high school student.

Select the Credit Advancement or Credit Recovery Courses from the drop down. You may select up to two Credit Advancement courses or one Credit Advancement and one Credit Recovery. 12th grade students may choose up to three Credit Recovery courses.

Click Register.

You will be asked to confirm the courses you’ve selected.

Once you confirm, you will see that your student has been registered for virtual courses.