Counselor Training

Q&A Session

O4S Student ends the school year enrolled at O4S. Have not final grade. 

Jason Vance Rachel Kelly Debby Descheneau work with Dr. B at VCAP to understand overall process.

Beechcroft examples will be sent via a Campus Support ticket for Jason to share with Dr. B. 

IC Support TicketCan we have a quick "delete schedule" button on the front screen under schedules.
Rachel Kelly and Debby Descheneau have AppDev team add link to delete schedule option. 
No Show / First day of schoolAccountability has contacted Admins questioning why the NS Blocker was used before or on the first day of school. How is the NS Blocker suppose to be used? 

The No Show Blocker can be used the first day of school. This is building principal driven. The district does not have a set date in which the blocker can be used. Certify will generate a violation when the student has been enrolled in the blocker for 15 days. 

Jason Vance check with Dr. Kline on the language to administrators relative to NS Blocker being used before or on the first day of school.

Additional NS Blocker. Can a blocker be created to capture other qualifying NS situations (i.e., Finishing Grad)
Jason Vance Debby Descheneau Rachel Kelly will work on approval and development of new code. If approved it will be shared via email with instructions on how to use. 

Can we have a sheet that specifically identifies how to schedule Non-GradsEMIS Sheet
SchedulingSchedule start dateStudents who enroll after the first day of school their schedule start dates must be filled in to match the enrollment date. Students enrolled before or on the first day of school no start date is needed, IC knows the first day is the first day of school. 

FormClass Excused Form
Debby Descheneau Rachel Kelly update the Class Excused Form to be a word doc for inserting "school name".
Schedule Student started same day. Student was in counselors office waiting for schedule and missed 1st period. Student was in the builing. Provide secretary with a Class Excused Form to document the student was with you getting their schedule set up. This form will allow the secretary to change the absence to class excused. 
Transportation Wait Period. 

 Summer GradsSummer Grads still showing up enrollment wanting a schedule. 
Process to end date summer grads happens next week. Randy Ziemba will send out an email announcement when the summer grad rolling process has been completed. If there are some missed, send in a Campus Support Ticket. 
Schedule9th grade entry date. We cannot enter a schedule.Use the ND/RD Administrative Guideline to determine the max number of days the student can be ND/RD status. Document efforts to obtain transcript.
ESL CourseRoster Count does not match sections seat countJason Vance has a ticket in with IC. They are trying to determine why the two counts don't match. In the meantime you want to use the seat count on the Roster.
Course Name ChangeEnglish course name changesCourse updates are still being updated. To see the most recent course updates go to the Course Changes for 2017-2018
Knowledge AssessmentsWhat do I do once I passed my assessments?Create a Campus Support ticket stating you have passed your assessment and need your tool rights updated.
PortalWhen will the portal be turned on for families to see schedules?EOB August 16, 2017.
Course Names

Some districts switch the grade level a course is offered at. 


Schedule has the same start and end date and it is appropriate. Certify is sending a violation. How is Certify rating this rule (notification or violation)? 

What documentation is needed to verify the schedule is accurate?

Jason Vance Greg Wisniewski Debby Descheneau Rachel Kelly 

schedulesSecond semester schedule is not filled on the first day of school. Do I need to fill the gaps now?

Student completes career credential program. What documentation is need to complete the grad tab?

If we are unable to enter the grad tab information, how should the student be scheduled?

Cheri Foster Machelle Kline

Mid year graduate. Grad tab complete but the student is still showing enrolled. How does the student get withdrawn?Communicate with the secretary when the grad tab is complete so they can process the withdraw. 

Can a script be developed to auto adjust cohort year with 9th grad entry date when NGA does not match NCLB (adjusted to NCLB cohort). Also notify counselors of change?

Greg Wisniewski Jason Vance
GPAWhat does this mean for counselors?