Tasks To Complete The Build

Complete Scheduling Planner Spreadsheet


This form has all the information required in order for you to be successful in building the 2021-2022 schedules.

  • Next year’s number of students in each grade level.

  • Next year’s number of class rooms in each grade level.

  • Next year’s teachers for each class, including name and room numbers if available.

  • Next year’s number of special ed classrooms.

  • Next year’s number of split classrooms and the grade levels (not including special ed).


Period Structure - Lunch Period


School Calendar

Review the lunch period structure - any changes must be approved by the administrator and sent to IC Support Team for modification.

Lunch periods cannot be changed after 6/30/2021.

Scheduling Groups/Teams


Verify Teams

Groups (aka Teams) created for each section matching the homeroom section

Section Settings




Verify the Homeroom box on all Elementary Attendance sections is checked.

Room Numbers

Assign a room number on each Elementary Attendance and Pre-K Attendance sections.

Delete old room numbers.

Scheduling Team

Assign a Team for each section built.

Delete old Teams.

Splits (if applicable)

Splits are identified using the Split Class Type field on the Elementary Attendance section.


Period Placement

All sections must have their Period Placement identified by placing check marks in the appropriate field.

For example: Language Arts = LA period, Mathematics = MA period, etc.


Staff History tab

Primary Teacher is assigned to every section. 

This is NOT the Teacher Display name on the first tab.  If the Teacher has not been assigned delete the existing Primary Teacher and set the Teacher Display name to VACANCY.  


Work and Social (WS)

Verify that Unified Art teachers are listed as “teacher” on the Staff History tab.

Teachers listed on the staff history tab of this section will have access to enter quarter comments.

Departmentalize Subjects (if applicable)

If Applicable, verify that the correct Primary Teacher is listed for subject in which the teachers departmentalize.

Sections settings - lunch & blockers




Lunch sections should be assigned to the appropriate team.

N/A Blocker


You will need a section under N/A for the following:

  • Choir (4th/5th grade only)

  • Instrumental Music (4th/5th grade only)

  • Choir/Instrumental Music (K-3rd grade only)

  • KDG Staggered start (if applicable)

  • Pre-K Staggered start (if applicable)


Gifted Blocker

Digital Academy Blocker




One section per blocker.

Does not require a primary teacher assigned.


Pre-K Half Day Blocker (if applicable)

Create a section of the Pre-K Half Day blocker that matches the Pre-K AM AND Pre-K PM Attendance Section number.

Unable to Locate Blocker

No Show Blocker

Located Not Attending Blocker

Attendance require.

Primary Teacher assigned is the Principal.

Review Schedule Build


Master Schedule Report

Generate the Master Schedule Report and review for completion

Preparation to Load

(Next Class)

The following is a list of items needed to prepare for the Schedule Load session:

Class Lists for 2021-2022

K → 1

1 → 2

2 → 3

3 → 4

4 → 5

5 → 6 (K-6 Buildings Only)


Special Education

List of students with IEPs and how they are divided.


Are there any grade levels that will departmentalize content area?


Teacher A and B will have the same student list

Teacher A will teach all Math and Science Health and Social Studies

Teacher B will teach Reading and Language Arts Health and Social Studies