Missing Grades Report

Use this report to find grades that have not been entered for the term.  You can also print a list of students who have received a particular grade.

Index > Grading & Standards > Reports > Grades Report


  1. Choose which students to include.  You can select all, or choose one or more grades at a time.

  2. Specify the Grading Term

  3. Select a teacher, or select all

  4. Choose your Group By order.  For missing grades, it is recommended to choose Teacher

  5. Select Grading Tasks

    1. This will depend on the type of grades you are looking for.  Middle and High schools will choose between Interim, Quarter, Exam and Final, or any combination

    2. Elementary schools use standards, and it is recommended to choose All when looking for missing grades.

  6. Finally, choose Missing Grades / Scores.  If you wish to exclude dropped students, un-check the box.

Run this at the end of each grading period

Administrators must run this report near the end of each grading period (but before the grade window closes) to ensure that each teacher has entered grades for all students.

Secondary Schools

Elementary Schools (Standards-Grading)

Secondary Schools

Elementary Schools (Standards-Grading)

For example, if you wish to select all standards EXCEPT for Report Card Comments:

  • select the first item in the list (not the word “All”, the one right below it). 

  • Then, scroll to the bottom of the list, hold the SHIFT key, then select the last item in the list.  This will select everything (all items will be highlighted in blue). 

  • Next, scroll back up until you see Report Card Comments. Hold down the CTRL key and click Report Card Comments.  This will de-select this item, and it will be excluded from the report.




If you'd like to get a list of students who have a certain grade (i.e. those who received a D or lower), simply choose By Grade / Score instead of Missing Grades / Score. You'll see a list of grades to choose from. Select the ones you want on the report.


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