Scheduling Reports (New)

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Scheduling Reports

Last Revision Date: January 21, 2021

There are some scheduling reports that are helpful in ensuring that all students are scheduled into every period of every day, and to verify that they are in the correct sections.

  • New Enrollment Notification - Use this report to view all newly enrolled students at your building. Enter your search dates or leave date fields blank to search all students.
    • PATH: Index>Student Information>Reports>New Enrollment Notification Report
  • Student Gap SchedulerThis report is the best tool to use when searching for students with an empty instructional hole (or gap) in their schedule. This report can be used throughout the school year.
    • PATH: Index>Scheduling>Student Gap Scheduler
  • Students without Schedules - This report contains a list of students who don't have schedules. Please create the schedules for these students. Re-run the report to verify your updates. If there are no errors, the generated list will be blank.
    • PATH: Index > Scheduling > Reports > Students without Schedules
  • Double Scheduled in 1 Period - This report contains a list of students who are scheduled in more than one course during the same period. This is the best way to find students who are double scheduled that need to be corrected.
    • PATH: Index>Ad Hoc Reporting>Data Export>Scheduling>SCH Double Scheduled in 1 Period
  • Students in 2 or More - This report will generate a list of students who are scheduled in two courses during the same period.
    • PATH: Index > Ad Hoc Reporting> Data Export> Scheduling>student SCH Students in 2 or more
  • Cross Enrolled Students - The Cross Enrolled Students Report will export a list of students that have secondary enrollments to another full day program such as Columbus Gifted Academy or Columbus Global Academy.
    • PATH: Index > Ad Hoc Reporting >Data Export >Demographics/Enrollment>ENR - Cross Enrolled Students
  • Section Rosters - This report displays student rosters for each section for each teacher or course selected.
    • PATH: Index>Scheduling>Reports>Section Rosters
  • Course Schedule Outside of Grade - This report contains a list of students who are scheduled courses outside of their enrollment grade level.
    • PATH: Index > Ad Hoc Reporting> Data Export> Scheduling>Student Course schedule outside of grade
  • Student Locator - This report displays the student's Last name, First name, Course Name, Section Period they are scheduled in.
    • PATH: Index > Ad Hoc>Scheduling > CCS Student Locator Schedule
  • Master Schedule Report - This report lists detail information about each section in a schedule. The report lists roster counts by gender and special Ed, section placement, team, room, and teacher.
    • PATH: Index>Scheduling>Reports>Master Schedule
  • Digital Academy End and Start Dates Report - This is used to identify students who have an end date from Digital Academy or a start date to begin at Digital Academy.
    • PATH: Index > Ad Hoc>Data Export >Demographics/Enrollment>ENR - CCS Digital Academy End & Start Date