Walk-In Scheduler - Keyboard Short Cuts

Department of Accountability & Other Support Services

Walk-In Scheduler - Keyboard Shortcuts

Last Revision Date: August 30, 2019

The following shortcuts can be used when accessing the Walk-In Scheduler:

  • Arrow through the time slots. Use all four directional arrow keys to highlight time slot cells and scroll through the  courses.
  • Press enter to open courses. Highlight a course using the tab key and press the Enter key to open the Course Side bar.
  • Tab through the courses and non-timed activities. Use the Tab key to move through the courses and click Enter to open the Course Side panel (shows the course name, teacher, period name and time).
  • Arrow through the days. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the schedule.
  • Escape to close side panels and modals. Click the ESC key to close open side panels.
  • Choose the noted letters to perform the following tasks: 
    • R to toggle the Request Panel.
    • S to toggle the Search Panel.
    • F to expand the view to Full Screen.
    • ALT-C to Cancel Selection (when in Request Selection mode).