Viewing/Printing a Schedule

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The Schedule tab allows users to view and print the student's scheduled courses in multiple formats. The student's schedule can be used to find where the student is during the day, to determine which courses the student should be taking in future years and to print the student's schedule.  A calendar must be selected in the school toolbar for schedule information to display.

Path: Index > Student Information > General > Schedule

Note that when a user chooses to view the student's schedule in a certain way, by choosing one of the options, and then navigates away to a different tab within Infinite Campus, the next time the user accesses the student's schedule, the same view option that was previously chosen displays again. You can view and work on a schedule in full screen mode by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Viewing a Schedule

You can view a schedule in either Calendar or Term View.  These options show at the bottom of the screen on the schedule tab.

Calendar View

This view shows the student's schedule by the current Day (standard view), the current Week, or by an Agenda view.  When you click on Calendar, you will see three different options at the top of the schedule:

  • Day View – This view displays the name of the Period, assigned Room Number, Course Name and Assigned Teacher and any recorded attendance for that period display. The current period is highlighted in a blue outline to easily determine where the student is. A red line indicates the current time.
  • Week View – This view lists the student's courses for the selected week. Similar to the Day view, the name of the Period, Course Name and Assigned Teacher and any recorded attendance for that period displays. The side panel shows the same information as he Day view.
  • Agenda View – This view lists the student's courses in a planner type of view, with the date, time and course. The current time and course is not highlighted in this view, but recorded attendance does display for the course in which it was recorded.

Term View

The Term View displays the student's courses for a selected Term and each selected Period Schedule. Choose the Filter at the top of the schedule to select which terms and periods display.  Remove the selected terms by clicking which Term or Period Schedule to not show in the Schedule. Terms and Period Schedules without a green check mark DO NOT display in the schedule. Click the Reset button to undo any removed terms or period schedules.

To see more information about a particular section, click on the course in the term view.  A window with additional information will appear from the right side of the screen.  There you can see the course number (1), section number (2), period number with start/end times (3), teacher email (4) and student grades for that class (5).

                                                                                                                          (additional course info)

Printing a Schedule

Print the student's schedule in any selected view by choosing the Reports button at the bottom of the page and clicking the Current View report option. This prints the student's schedule in the selected view (Day, Week, Agenda, Term) in PDF format. If a user has removed certain terms by modifying the Filter bar selections (for example, printing the schedule report for only Term 4), only those options selected in the Filter bar are included in the print