Scheduling Accountability

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Scheduling Accountability

Last Revision Date: August 30, 2019

All students must have a full schedule that is effective on their enrollment start date. A student’s schedule is complete in Infinite Campus when the student has a course scheduled for every period of every day. For Elementary schools, this scheduling is completed by the secretary. Starting the first day of school, the Walk-in scheduler module is used to schedule students.

The Walk-In Scheduler is accessed through the student's schedule tab. With real time data, any changes made will also display in all other areas, including the teacher's roster, grade book, and attendance.  By making a change to a student’s schedule, a user has the ability to impact how attendance and grades are entered in other areas of Infinite Campus.

If you are unsure about how to change a student’s scheduled class or classes, you should refer to the pages in this section of the Infinite Campus Dashboard.  If additional support is still needed, complete a Campus Support Form. Certify will notify users when a student enrollment start date is equal to today.  The notification will become a violation when the student does not have any scheduled courses after the enrollment start date. 

To receive your Infinite Campus Scheduling tool rights, you must first take the Infinite Campus Knowledge Assessments on PublicSchoolWorks (PSW) and pass with an 80% or above proficiency every school year.  If the PSW Assessment is completed after the first day of school, please submit a Support Ticket to have your tool rights activated.