Parent Authorized Absences


Columbus City Schools Board Policy 5200.01 - Attendance Absence states that a maximum of nine (9) student absences from school will be considered excused with parental notification. After nine (9) absences, additional information and/or documentation in addition to the parent notification may be required in order for the absence to be excused. Such documentation may include, but is not limited to, written statements from a physician, dentist, or licensed mental health provider; a social services agency if the student was receiving consultation or services; or a college or university admissions office if a student was absent for a college visit. Documentation shall be reviewed by the Principal. Based upon the evidence presented, the Principal shall either excuse the absence or cause the absence to be marked as unexcused. Forms shall be provided to the Principal. The Principal shall sign and date the form and retain the original on file. 

Absences coded with the following attendance codes count toward the 9 parent authorized limit:

  • PAA
  • PAEL
  • PALA
  • PMD
  • PMEL
  • PMLA  

For full descriptions of each code, look at the Attendance Codes page.

The Parent Authorization Verification Report will run a list of students who have 4 or more equivalent days of the Parent Authorized Absences.  It includes absences on any calendar during the current school year.  Running this report regularly will help you identify which students are close to their 9 Parent Authorized Absence limit. 

PATH: Index => Attendance => Reports => Parent Authorization Verification 

Once the student has reached their 9 Parent Authorized Absence limit, a PA Limit Reach Flag must be added and any additional parent notes must be given to the Principal to review, along with a Request for Principal Approval of an Excused Absence Form.   If the Principal does not approve the absence, the absence should remain Unexcused.  If the Principal approves the absence and signs the form, the absence should be coded as "EXC-Excused".  All documentation should be filed in the student's individual attendance file.