Attendance Basics

Important Reminders:

Students need to be scheduled appropriately for attendance to be entered and reports generated.  A student cannot be marked absent if they do not have a schedule.

Getting the Attendance Office Ready for the Day

  • It is suggested to keep copies of the Student Absence Notification form near the telephone so they are easily accessible when a parent/guardian calls to report an absence.

  • If a parent/guardian is calling to notify the school of an absence, a "Student Absence Notification" form for this student should be completed by the person who took the phone call.  Thank the parent/guardian for calling and let them know they may receive an automated phone call from the District regarding their student’s absence.  Remind the parent/guardian to send a note with their student when he/she returns to school.  The note should indicate the student’s first and last name, date(s) of absence, reason for the absence, and the parent/guardian's signature. 

  • When you receive a phone call for a full day absence it is suggested that you record the absence in IC as soon as possible.  This will prevent gaps in attendance and will also allow teachers to see that the parent has already reported this student absent for the day.

  • If a student is absent, a comment must be entered for any attendance code used with the exception of Absent Unknown and Absent Unexcused. A comment providing details to the excuse code must be entered in each period for the respective excuse code.  Not recording a comment will result in a Certify Notification.  See the guidelines here for more details. 
  • A new Late Arrival and Student Release log must be used daily with the current date indicated at the top of each page. 

  • Generate substitute attendance rosters for absent teachers.  Attendance taken by hand MUST be completed on an Infinite Campus generated roster.  Do not accept hand written attendance rosters or attendance that is not completed on a roster.  See the Attendance Reports page for directions on generating a roster.

  • Verify in the Classroom Monitor that attendance has been entered each period for secondary schools or by 9:30 in elementary.

  • Each teacher responsible for recording student attendance should have an attendance folder.  The attendance folder will be used to receive attendance attendance notes or distribute information to teachers.  After the attendance notes are entered into Infinite Campus, they are to be filed in the student's individual attendance folder. For more information regarding coding attendance notes, click here => /wiki/spaces/SC/pages/131367002

  • Use the Daily Caller Report to make phone calls to parent/guardian to inquire as to why the student is not in school.  Note: students who are absent for any amount of time during a day will receive an automated phone message to the parent/guardian indicating the absence. Attendance is tracked by the minute, therefore any absent code on the students record will generate the call. 

  • Check the Attendance Reports module frequently. New reports are added periodically. There are some attendance reports that have been created specifically for CCS in the Ad Hoc Reports area: Attendance Summary by Team, Attendance Summary by Year, Absence Marked Unknown, and Unexcused Tardies.  For more information regarding specific reports, click here =>  Attendance Reports

  • Substitute Secretaries must submit a Campus Support Form to request Infinite Campus access to their assigned school building. Campus Support Form

Attendance Accountability 

Every Minute Counts!  All students arriving after the school's designated start time must be recorded on the Late Arrival Log.  Likewise, all student's leaving before the end of the school day must be recorded on the Early Leave log.  Attendance is to be taken every day on every student enrolled in your school.  

  • Parents can be enlisted as partners to reinforce the benefits of regular, on-time school attendance. The school can help parents believe in and share the following messages:

    • The more you are in school, the more you learn.
    • The more you learn, the higher your grades will be.
    • The better your grades, the more you will enjoy school.
    • The longer you stay in school, the more likely you are to succeed in career and life.
    • Regular, on-time school attendance is a goal that can only be achieved with the cooperation of both parent and child. Absences contribute to loss of learning.

Students that are actively enrolled in your building are allowed to attend school.  If a student is actively enrolled in another building (not in your building) they must attend the building at which they are actively enrolled.  If a student is present at your building but not enrolled, you need to contact the parent/guardian and have the student picked up from your building.  If and only if you cannot contact a parent/guardian, please keep the student on site and contact Safety and Security at (614) 365- 5638 to complete a house check and inform the parent/guardian that their child is not enrolled at your building and needs to be picked up from school.  If the student is not actively enrolled at any Columbus City School, please direct the student and parent/guardian to Central Enrollment to complete the Online registration and schedule an enrollment appointment. 

The Attendance Team in your building will work together to locate students that are actively enrolled in your building but are not attending school.  All attempts to locate the student MUST be recorded on the Student's PLP log.  A district must take several steps to engage the student and his or her family before filing a complaint with juvenile court.  This includes parental notification, an absence intervention team and an absence intervention plan.  A complaint cannot be filed until: a. the 61st day after failed implementation of an absence intervention plan; or  b. A child has been absent without a legitimate excuse for 30 or more consecutive hours or 42 or more hours in a school month during the implementation of an absence intervention plan.  

The Absence Notification letter is also a required component of the Unable to Locate Student checklist.   For more information regarding letters, click here => Attendance Truancy Letters

The Unable to Locate Student Checklist (Forms) can be used after all efforts have been exhausted and the student still cannot be located.  The principal will sign the Unable to Locate Student Checklist indicating the student is not attending school and should be withdrawn.  After the student is withdrawn, the checklist will be uploaded to the student's documents tab by Central Enrollment.  When completing the Unable to locate interventions, if contact is made with the Guardian, the Unable to Locate Checklist is null and void and cannot be used to process a withdraw.

Attendance Forms

The Attendance Accountability Committee has developed and adopted specific forms for the collection and documentation of attendance information.  For more information regarding each form, click here =>  Attendance Forms

Certify Data Scorecard

Certify promotes a daily, proactive process by an automatic reading of Infinite Campus each night, and sending email alerts to notify school personnel about specific data issues that need to be reviewed, monitored or corrected.  It is important to review and make any applicable corrections for errors reporting on Certify.

Each rule in your scorecard looks at specific data and makes sure that it is valid. If it appears on your scorecard, in needs to be corrected. The prescription page lists all of the rules defined in Certify, and a 'prescription' for how to fix them. Some may be simple fixes that can be described in a sentence or two, others will link to a page with step-by-step documentation and/or videos to assist you.

Attendance Course Blockers

There are instances when a blocker course should be used to record attendance for students.  These courses start with an "N" and should already be loaded on your course deck for your use.  These blocker courses are available to use in every school; however, the course may need to have sections added before students can be scheduled.  Students scheduled in these courses must be marked absent daily.

 No Show - Course Number N90130

This is a blocker course for students who have not shown up to school but were expected to. Create a section of this course to span the entire school day, and enroll students into this course for attendance taking. This will take students off teacher rosters and will give you an accurate reflection of available seats.  When enrolling in the NO SHOW course, use the next school day.  

This must only be used when student has never attended and staff are attempting to locate them.   While students are in this course, carry out appropriate attendance interventions (log interventions on the student's PLP log), complete the Unable To Locate Student Form.  Once completed, and signed by the Principal, submit an electronic withdrawal/end date request form via CCSDAS.  Certify will generate a violation when a student has been scheduled into the No Show Blocker for more than 15 days.Click here for more information > Schedule A Student Into The No Show Blocker Course

(blue star) Unable to Locate - Course Number N90135

This course is similar to the NO SHOW course, except this is for students that attended at some point during the school year but stopped attending.   

While students are in this course, carry out appropriate attendance interventions, complete the Unable To Locate Student Form.  Once completed, submit an electronic withdraw request form via CCS DAS.  Certify will generate a notification when a student has been scheduled into this blocker course for more than 15 days.  Click here for more information > Schedule A Student Into The No Show Blocker Course

(blue star) Located - Not Attending - Course Number N90137

This course is similar to the No Show course, except this is for students that have been located, but are not attending school.

While students are in this course, carry out appropriate attendance interventions, and log the interventions on the student's PLP Log.  

Non-Attendance Course Blockers

Cross enrolled students that do not attend their Home school due to a secondary enrollment to a program MUST be scheduled into the appropriate blocker course at the home school. The schedule start date must match the secondary enrollment date. This can be found on the enrollment tab.  The following are courses that are used when students have a secondary enrollment.  These courses do not require attendance collection at the home school of enrollment.

            (blue star) Gifted Academy All Day - Course Number N92300

                 Used as a blocker course for students attending the Columbus Gifted Academy Program all day.  The course should span all periods of the home school's day.  


             (blue star) Global Academy All Day - Course Number N92320

                  Used as a blocker course for students attending the Columbus Global Academy Program all day.  The course should span all periods of the home school's day.  


             (blue star) Home Instruction Blocker Course

                  The Home Instruction (HOM) blocker course should only be used when a student is assigned to Home Instruction and enrolled in Home Instruction as a secondary enrollment. 

                   The HOM blocker course will be added to the student's schedule using the start date equal to the HOM enrollment start date. 

             Options for Success - Course Number N92111

                  The Options for Success blocker course should only be used when a student is assigned to the Options for Success program.  The Options for Success course will be added to the student's schedule using the

                   start date equal to the Options for Success enrollmnet start date.  Click Here for more information >  O4S Scheduling

           (blue star) VCAP Full Time - Course Number N92112

                 VCAP Full Time Blocker course (N00065V) is used for students attending VCAP all day and have a Secondary Enrollment in the Full Time VCAP Calendar.  Students attending VCAP full time are enrolled

                 in their Home School and cross-enrolled into VCAP.  The Home School schedules the student into the VCAP Full Time course blocker (N00065V) effective the date of the enrollment start date in Full Time VCAP,

                 which can be found on the Enrollment History tab for the student.  VCAP courses are assigned and scheduled by the VCAP office.  Students must apply each year to be in VCAP courses.