Transfer Grade Scenario

In this example, the student came from outside the district and started with CCS on 12/1/2017.  In the teacher grade book screenshot below, you will see that the student has no grades for any assignments due prior to her arrival.

The next screenshot shows where I have added a category called "Transfer" in the teacher grade book.  When creating a new assignment, you must have a category assigned.  Note that I have excluded this category from calculation of the student's in progress grade.

In the last screenshot, you can see where I have added an assignment called Transfer, specifically for this student.  Note that the number of points for this assignment is equal to the sum of all points possible for all assignments due in Q2 (10/23/17 - 11/30/17).  Entering the points here will essentially 'catch up' this student with the rest of the class.  Note that the in progress grade for this student has NOT CHANGED.  This is because we excluded this category of grades (see the Transfer column under the Categories heading).  Every other student is exempt from this assignment, so it will not factor into their grades at all.