Post to Transcript - Graduating Seniors

Senior grades at the end of the year are posted before other students in preparation for graduation. As with any other students, it is important to ensure that all final grades are in prior to posting.

Verify Final Grades First!!

Administrators:  Before posting graduates' final grades to transcript, it is important to use the to verify that the final grades are posted by teachers. Verify that the year and school are current.

The link above shows how to run the missing grades report for all students. To run it for only seniors, use the Ad-Hoc filter to only show the cohort year you need.

Missing Grades Report by Cohort Year

Final grades for ALL secondary (Middle and High Schools) students must be posted to transcript.   

Administrators should run this after teachers have completed entering grades for each semester.  Posting to Transcript puts the final grades for all courses on the student’s Transcript tab. 

Note: Only courses checked as high school credit will display on a student’s printed transcript

Middle schools don’t print or use student transcripts, but the posting must be performed so any earned high school credits are applied for the student’s high school transcript, and so counselors can view the student’s course history. 

Path:   System Administration > Student Portfolio > Transcript Post

Transcript post for a cohort year
  1. Verify that the radio button for active year is selected.

  2. The current school should be highlighted for the current school year.  If not, scroll to find the applicable school for the current school year.

  3. Select all HS Credit Groups: 

    1. Click on HS Credits, hold the Shift key, scroll down to the last HS credit type and click on it (World Language 5)

  4. Select Term 4.

  5. Remove check mark from Post Score Comments.

  6. Select the Ad-Hoc filter for the cohort year you need. It is listed in under the _Graduation section.

  7. Click Run.

The transcript post could take several minutes to complete.  A pop-up will appear when complete. DO NOT click the browsers "Back" button until the transaction is finished.A message window will open with the number of grades posted.  Results could be 0 if there are no final grades to post or if all grades were already posted and there are no new grades entered.


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