How to Request Student CUM Folders That Were Recently Sent for Digitization


If you need to request a Student CUM folder that was recently sent for Digitization, and the records have not yet been uploaded into SC View, you will need to submit the “Request for Student CUM Folder That Has Been Sent for Digitization” Google Form. Each student record will need its own individual request form. Before submitting this request, please verify that the record has been sent for Digitization. To do this, you will go to the Secretary Shared O:Drive and search the Digitization folder of the last school attended to locate the spreadsheet that the student information is provided on. If unable to locate that specific student, it is probable that the record was not received by the Digitization Secretary. If, after searching, you have questions please reach out and we will provide you with confirmation as to whether or not it was received. Once the spreadsheet is located, submit your request, attaching that particular spreadsheet when prompted. All information contained in this form must be submitted for your request to be processed.

Once your request is received, please allow 14 days for the records to be requested, digitized, received and uploaded into Infinite Campus. An email confirming that the documents have been uploaded will be sent to the contact information provided in the request.

If the request is of extreme urgency, please call the Digitization Secretary at 614-365-7450 and we will do our best to accommodate those needs.