Infinite Campus 101 - Training Agenda

Accessing Infinite Campus 

Logging In

  • Where can you access Infinite Campus log on Screen:
  • Use Active Directory Username and Password 
  • After 5 unsuccessful attempts you will be locked out – call IT Help Desk at 614-365-8425


Supported Platforms

Campus Support

Infinite Campus Dashboard 

  • Index tab > Links > Infinite Campus Dashboard

Submit a Support Case Ticket 

  • Index tab > Links > Infinite Campus Support

Campus Community -

Navigating Infinite Campus

Menu bar 

  • Set Year / School / Classes / Sections
  • Notification Bell
  • Log off


Announcements (District / School)

Process Inbox

Tabs: Index and Search

Modules on Index Tab (Student Information, Behavior)

Campus Tools - 

Student Information > General

  • Student Search
    • Last name, First Name
    • Use a % wild character before and after last name if unsuccessful in the search


Campus Tools - 

Student Information > PLP

  • Documents Tab
  • Contact Log


Campus Tools - 

Behavior > Behavior Referrals

  • Behavior Referrals are submitted through Infinite Campus.
  • There is a video available on the Infinite Campus Dashboard.

App Switcher

Campus Instruction vs. Campus Tools

Campus Instruction / Campus Tools

  • Click on the App Switcher to the left of the Log Off button.
  • Select Campus Instruction 




Campus Instruction

Account Settings

The top right corner of the screen is also where you access the Campus Community and where you log off of Campus Instruction. Account Settings are also available from this user icon.

Attendance For Teachers

Attendance For Teachers

  • Take Attendance for every student, every period of every day
  • Enter at the beginning of the period
    • Last period of the day, enter within 15 minutes of the end of the period
  • In the rare cases a paper roster must be used.  If paper is used the Attendance must:
    • Be generated reported on Infinite Campus Roster. (No hand-written lists)
    • Be sent to the office by 9:30 am (Elementary)
    • Be sent to the office by the end of each period. (Secondary)
    • The roster for the last period of the day should be sent to the office before the last 15 minutes of the day. (Secondary)
  • Comments can be entered when a student is marked absent of tardy.
  • Comments will display on the Student and Parent Portals
  • Teachers have access to make changes to attendance at any point during the attendance day.

Attendance changes for previous attendance days must be in writing to the school secretary.  Corrections must include the students full name, the date of the absence and the reason for the correction.

Grade Book

Grade Book

All teachers are required to use the Infinite Campus Grade Book to post term and standard marks.

Secondary Teachers are required to use the Infinite Campus Grade Book to record and grade assignments.

Grade Book Set-up

Setting up and using the Infinite Campus Grade Book

Grade Book - Categories

Grade Book - Grade Calc Options

Grade Book - Assignments

  • Click student’s name to view a demographic summary of the student.

Post Grades for Report Cards

Calendars and Due Dates

Mark Entry Calendars - Grade Window

Post for each interim and 9-week grading period from the grade book.

Grade Book - Post Grades (Elementary Standards)

Grade Book - Post Grades (Secondary Term)

The grade can be edited in the grade book once posted, if the window is still open.  Once the Mark Entry Window as closed follow these procedures to make Academic Grade Changes.

Message Center

Grade Messages to Parents

Seating Charts

Grade Book - Seating Charts

Student Groups

Grade Book - Student Groups