COVID Notifications - Cohort Positive NO QUARANTINE

Setup Messenger to email the notification for:

COVID-19 Cohort Positive NO QUARANTINE

Follow the steps below to send out a Notification to inform parents/guardians of a potential close contact with to a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a student or staff member.

  • The School Nurse will assist in determining which notification, when to distribute notification and the recipients.

  • These instructions use a unique filter that you create. If you have not created the list, find the instructions here => before continuing these instructions.


Make sure you have selected the 21-22 School Year (1) and the correct school (2) (Please note: the correct schools means the school you are sending out the notification for. Infinite Campus Technical Institute is a test school used for the purposes of this documentation.) Then under index click on Messenger (3) and Message Builder (4).


Select User/Group and Template


Under the User/Group option select _Messenger (5) and in the template option select the appropriate template (6) = COVID-19 Cohort Positive NO QUARANTINE The template options will load along with the body of the email and text messages.


Do not make any changes to the template where you see the blue fields. Infinite Campus will add the appropriate school information automatically.

Select Saved Filter

Saved Filter (7) - Select your COVID Notification Folder to expand , then select the appropriate filter from the list.


Scroll to the bottom of Message Builder and select the time (7) you want your emails and process inbox messages to be distributed. Messages will begin immediately if the date and time entered is in the past. To delay delivery enter a time in the future.

Send a Test Message

Click Test (8).

Input your test phone number (9) and test email (10) and click Send Test (11)

Preview Message

After checking your test messages for accuracy, click the Preview/Send button (12)

Now click Review Recipients (13)

Note the Recipient Count, this number may be slightly higher or lower due to number of guardians, but the count should be close to the number of students you expect to send the notification.

Recipient count too high, zero or not correct, Cancel - Make sure you have your school correct AND you selected the correct Filter from COVID Notifications folder.


View an sample message by clicking the Page Icon (14) on the right. Once confirmed for accuracy click the Save and Return button (15)


Finally, if the message is ready to be sent, click the Send Message button (16)



You have now successfully sent a COVID-19 Notification!