COVID Notifications - Create a Saved Filter

This document will walk your through creating a uniques list of names called a Filter. The filter should include the student names that will receive either a Cohort Positive (No Quarantine) OR Close Contact (Quarantine Required) notification. Do not create a saved filter for the All School COVID-19 Notification.

Create Folder for Ad Hoc Filter Designer

FIRST TIME SETUP - Create a folder named “COVID Notifications”. This folder will be used to to organize and store the filters you create. You only need one folder. You will re-use this folder. Proceed to creating the filter, if you already have a COVID Notifications folder.

Create New - Filter Designer

The Filter Type = Selection Editor (1) Data Type = Student (2) Create (3)

Name the Filter


All filters must have a unique name. The Selection Name (4) based on the type of Notification Letter you will send.

  • Filter for COVID Cohort Positive NO QUARANTINE Letter Selection Name (4) should be “Close Contact MM DD YYYY

  • Filter for Student COVID-19 Close Contact QUARANTINE REQUIRED letter Selection Name (4) should be “Quarantine MM DD YYYY

  • Filter for All School COVID-19 Notification - STOP use the filters already created, it is not necessary to continue creating a filter for this type of notification. To send an All School COVID-19 Notification proceed to the instruction found here =>

Add Student Names


Move Student Names from the All Students box to the Selected Students box on the right using the Right and Left Arrows (5).

Quick Search

The Quick Search box is used to quickly locate a student name. You can filter the list by Grade Level or Enter the student’s last name (comma) first name

Organize and Save Filter


Save To: select the Folder COVID Notifications (6)

Save the Filter (7)

Review - Locate New Filter


The Filter is located in the Filter Designer COVID Notification folder.

The new filter can be edited if necessary. To edit the list, first select the filter name then Edit button.

Test will open a window with the list of selected students names.