Chromebook eSignature info for Parents 21/22

Columbus City Schools has updated the process for students receiving Chromebooks from the District. Previously, parents had to physically sign the Chromebook Distribution Form acknowledging they understood the obligations outlined in the document to receive their device.  Now, for those families who receive a Chromebook, can sign the form using an E-Signature directly from the Parent Portal.  Below are instructions on how to complete this process.


Step 1: Sign into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Log into the portal using the Parent Portal link on the Parent page of the CCS website:  If you cannot recall your username and/or password, and you entered an email address during setup, you can request the information be emailed via the portal log on screen.



Step 2: Open the Documents tab

When the portal opens, it will automatically display the “Message Center” page.  Click on the “Documents” tab.  If you do not see the list of tabs on the left side of the screen click on the 3 lines at the top next to the Infinite Campus logo to display them.


Step 3: Locate the 2021/22 Chromebook Parent Acknowledgment Document

The document will show a status of “Needs Attention”. To open the document to add your signature, click on the small arrow next to the status. 

Step 4: Review the Document

The document will open on your screen. You can scroll up or down to see the full document.  It is important to carefully read over the document to make sure you agree with all of the terms.

Step 5: Attach Your E-Signature and Submit the Document

After reviewing the document, scroll to the last page and click on the icon that shows a paper and pencil to add your signature. A dialog box will appear asking do you wish to ‘Sign’ or ‘Decline’. Click ‘Sign’.  Your E-Signature now displays on the document. Click the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6: Your Document has been Submitted

Back on the Documents tab, your 2021/22 Chromebook Parent Acknowledgment document now shows a status of ‘Signed and Pending’.  You do not need to do anything else.  Once the building staff has accepted your document, the status will change to ‘Complete’.