21/22 Chromebook Labeling Process


Columbus City Schools has purchased 35,000 Unique Identifier Tags to be affixed to Chromebooks or other technological devices costing less than $500.00 being distributed to students. Please see an example tag to the right:



This tag is composed of 2 parts. The main tag and then three “tear-offs”. The main tag is to be placed on the bottom of the chrome book right above the Service Tag/Serial Number. In this picture to the left, you can clearly see the Service Tag/Serial Number on the manufacture's tag.


These tags come equipped with three “tear-offs” that match the identifying number associated with the respective tags. One “tear-off” will be attached to the Chromebook Box label right above the Serial Number (see picture at right). The second can be attached to the charger brick. Finally, if attaching the labels at the time of distribution, the third “tear-off” can be attached to the student roster list to as a secondary record to the entry in Infinite Campus. By attaching these tags in advance you can easily record both the CCS ID# and the Service Tag/Serial # from the outside of the box and not need to open the box when distributing a device.

Please note, every school should have received enough labels to meet all student needs. These labels shall be used on new devices as well as any additional exiting devices that were already in the building and are being distributed to students. At this time, these labels are not to be used on devices distributed to staff.

When recording Chromebook Distribution in Infinite Campus, both the Unique Identifier and the Serial # must be recorded on the Chromebook Distribution Form on Infinite Campus.