How to find Documents in Infinite Campus that may be requested through ScribOrder



Official High School Transcripts

Make sure you are in correct year, use the most recent year for withdrawn students.


Report Cards


Current Grade up to Date of Withdrawal - May have to get these from teachers if not using IC gradebook

Print Enrollment Screen


Date of withdrawal

Get the student start date from the ScribOrder and enter “Student will be withdrawn on _____ .“ in the message history box. (The withdraw date will be one day prior to the start date of the new school that is indicated on the ScribTransfer Order.)


Attendance Records



Behavior Management Records



Attendance Intervention Plan

Behavior Management Plan

Reading Intervention Plan

(The above three plans can all be found in the same place as seen below. If the student has one, it will be listed. In the example below, this student only has an Attendance Intervention Plan.)





Standardized Test Scores




Custody Documentation

Copy of Birth Certificate

(These can be found in the same place.)




Special Programs/Enrichments (Look for ESL Services and Gifted &/Talented)


ESL Services


Gifted &/Talented


Current IEP

Current ETR

Make sure the signature pages and addendum’s are sent


Current 504


Observational Reports


Psychological Test Scores and Reports