Attendance Files and Student Attendance Documentation

For the purpose of data integrity and validation every school is to maintain their attendance data.  Attendance documentation and filing must be maintained according to the type of attendance documentation   There are two types of attendance documentation.  Daily Attendance Documentation and Individual Student Attendance Documentation.   

Daily Attendance Files

Your Student Data Specialist has provided labels for the attendance files.  The labels are for each school day of the school year.  These files must contain the following documents:

  • Student Late Arrival Log for the day
  • Student Release Log for the day
  • Route Lists of Late Buses for the day
  • Field trip Attendance (if applicable)
  • Paper Rosters that are entered for the day.
  • All Attendance Reports for the day (Daily Caller Report and Summary Report)

Labels for Daily Attendance Files 2021-2022 School Year:

Individual Student Attendance Documentation

Documentation for Individual Students must be uploaded to the student's Attendance Repository on the student's Attendance Tab.  This documentation includes the following types of attendance documentation:

  • Excuse Notes (Any documentation used to change an absence from Unexcused whether from a parent, medical professional or agency)
  • Completed Student Absence Notification Forms
  • Completed Request For Principal Approval of an Excused Absence Forms
  • Completed Class Excused Forms
  • Completed Health Services Nurse Excuse Forms
  • Any documentation used to explain change or correction to attendance for the individual student. 
  • Printed copies of emails that document attendance corrections.

Directions for Uploading Student Attendance Documents to the Student's Attendance Repository can be found here:

Upload Attendance Documents

Sibling Absence Notes

If you receive an absence note with multiple students on the note (siblings), make sure to upload the note to each student's respective attendance repository.