Use The IC Dashboard

This "how to" will provide helpful tips to get the most out of your Infinite Campus Dashboard use.

Access The Infinite Campus (IC) Dashboard

To access the IC Dashboard log into Infinite Campus. Once in Infinite Campus click on:
  1. Index
  2. Links
  3. Infinite Campus Dashboard

The IC Dashboard will open in a new window. 

  1. Clicking on Infinite Campus Dashboard will take you back to the default page seen here. 

  2. Here you will find a series of blog posts created by the Infinite Campus Support Team and the Division of Attendance & Data Reporting. The five most recent blog posts are also shown under the main page section.

  3. The Page Tree is listed in alphabetic order by subject area. The angle bracket (>) indicates there is more information contained within that subject area. Click on the angle bracket to display more information. Click on a subject matter to obtain information on the topic. 

  4. The search function allows for an open search within the IC Dashboard only. 

  5. Recently updated documents are displayed for quick access. 

  6. Collapsing the index section of the IC Dashboard will allow more space for viewing content.  

Convert a document to a PDF or Word by clicking on the drop down and selecting your preferred document type. 

How To Use The Dashboard.mht