End Date the Student’s Schedule

Prior to changing a student's schedule you should always print their current schedule, grades (including grades from the teacher grade book) and the attendance period detail report.

To manually add an end date for a student for a section:

  1. Click the section number in the student’s schedule. This will open a new window where these dates can be entered.

    1. When selecting an End Date that has already passed all attendance and grades for the course will be deleted. For Example, If the schedule is being changed on November 15, AND the entered End Date is November 10, the schedule will be ended on November 10; all attendance and grades already entered for November 10 through November 15 will be deleted.

  2. When finished, save the date by clicking Save.

Note: If the Start Date field is blank. the student schedule starts on the first day of the school year.


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End Every Active Course on the Schedule

To end date all courses of a student’s schedule at one time:  

  1. Enter the Effective Date field. 

  2. Click End above the Effective Date.  A message will open stating ‘All active and future rosters will be ended as of (mm/dd/yyyy).  Do you want to continue?’  Click OK.

All courses will now display on the walk-in scheduler with an end date.