What's New

This section will list changes to Infinite Campus as we apply new releases, bug fixes, and implement new features.

Campus Passport now has on-demand training content utilizing the new navigation/user interface! Learn from Infinite Campus training experts on how to utilize available tools in short, simple, video-based lessons. These learning plans are built specifically for Behavior Administrators, Counselors, Front Office/Secretaries, Nurses, Principals, System Administrators, and Teachers.

Everyone in the district can access these courses at any time. Simply sign in to your Infinite Campus Account, navigate to the Community, and then use the link below to view any of the individual courses or learning plans to begin your journey.

Step 1

Launch Campus Community

  • Do you need Campus Community login? Directions to create your free account can be found here.

Step 2

Open Campus Passport

  • Directions on accessing Campus Passport can be found here.

Step 3

Enroll in Sessions

  • Columbus City School District is registered for YES a Yearly Event Series. When you have opened Campus Passport you will find Instructional Videos and Calendar of Events for both Campus Passport and YES.

  • The First YES Event “Let”s Get Started” is open for registration. Sessions will be held July, 27 & August 10, August 24. Sessions are conveniently offered on multiple dates and times. Check out the Session Grid for a time that works for you.

Existing Campus Passport on-demand courses utilizing the classic navigation/user interface will remain available through July 1, 2023, but content will no longer be updated.

We have a rescheduled date to replace our Infinite Campus hardware on . Starting at 3pm on this day, Infinite Campus will be down for the remainder of the day. Please make sure to save your work and log out of Infinite Campus before this time. An email will be sent to all users when the system is back online.


YEP Important Dates - 2022

Throughout the summer, the Infinite Campus Support Team will be completing important tasks to close out the 2020-2021 school year.  During this Year-End Processing (YEP), there are some important dates to remember.  A list of these dates can be found on the Infinite Campus Dashboard here:

2022 YEP Important Dates

How to Post to Transcript

Our documentation for Post to Transcript has been updated, with specific instructions on how your can check Final Grades and Post for graduating seniors prior to posting for all students.

Contact Log -Enhancement

This weekend we are updating the version of Infinite Campus to release 2219.1. 

The Contact Type column now displays on the list screen and the records can be filtered by Contact Type.

The Contact Log Detail side panel has increased in size for more work space. We have added the screenshots for the changes made.

User Security Message
  • Some of you may have received a message when logging in to Infinite Campus, requiring you to set an account security email:

If you are prompted with this message, please enter your CCS email address in the first two boxes, and your existing Infinite Campus password in the last box. This will allow you to log in and you should not be prompted again. 

Please Do NOT use your personal email.

  • If you also received an email from Infinite Campus Account Security Email like the one shown below, we want to let you know that this is a legit email and it is okay to click the link on it.

  • If you have already used your personal email and it did not let you log in, Please clear your browsing history and here’s the link to how to do it- Malformed Request - Clear Browser Cache . Re-open and again try logging into Infinite Campus.

If you still need support please contact Your Support Team .

The New Look has been updated. See video: https://jwp.io/s/WuYf8ds6 .

In response to the feedback on the New Look, Infinite Campus has added the following features:

  • Record searches in a single left panel.

  • Related tools may be accessed with a single-click from a right side panel.

  • Advanced searching for households and addresses.

  • Counselor name and other student info are available at a glance from the title bar or a contact card pop-up (Campus.2219)

If you have not looked at the New Look in a while, we invite you to take another look. For more information, please visit https://kb.infinitecampus.com/help/try-the-new-look-of-campus .

This weekend we’re updating the version of Infinite Campus to release 2203. This will include a new Contact Log tool has been added to Student Information > General, to act as a centralized hub for all other Contact Log records available.

You will be able to see the modules (that you have tool rights for) in one location.

All Contact Log tools have been given a new interface that allows for easier entry of contact log records.

We have requested some design changes to the new look that will hopefully be available in future release:

  • A wider contact type field to fit the length of at least 30 characters.

  • Include the contact type on the centralized contact log filter.

Right now the in-progress grade is displayed in the portal. The posted grades has been disabled until the grading window officially closes. If you have students who are unable to see their final grade, it’s because you’ve posted your grades successfully, but they are currently disabled from view. Posted grades will be visible in the portal on . Below is the grade entry calendar for reference.

Calendars, Planners and Contacts

Infinite Campus and its partner organizations will be holding the second annual virtual National Training Week. This professional development opportunity includes world class training sessions on a variety of topics and opportunities to network with districts near and far. Training will take place November 15-19, 2021. Session times are mostly 50 minutes each, starting at 8:00am and ending about 7:00pm. Any district employee is welcome to attend. More information, including session topics and times, can be found here: Infinite Campus National Training Week 2021

In Campus.2128, the user toggle for the new Control Center has gone away.  As a result, all teachers will default to using the new Control Center when their user Homepage is set to Campus Instruction. 

A new video for the Control Center in Campus Instruction can be found here:

YEP Important Dates 2021

Throughout the summer, the Infinite Campus Support Team will be completing important tasks to close out the 2020-2021 school year.  During this Year-End Processing (YEP), there are some important dates to remember.  A list of these dates can be found on the Infinite Campus Dashboard here:

2021 YEP Important Dates

Teacher Updates

In Campus.2128, which is anticipated to be released on the user toggle for the new Control Center will go away.  As a result, all teachers will default to using the new Control Center when their user Homepage is set to Campus Instruction.

To help teachers with this update, Infinite Campus Training will be offering free beginning of the year training during the week of August 2-6, 2021.  There will also be additional recorded content featuring the new Control Center and other instruction changes available mid-July for early start schools.

For an overview of the new Control Center, which was released in January with Campus.2104, please check out the following video. https://kb.infinitecampus.com/help/control-center-video .  Please note that when Campus.2128 is released, this video will be updated to remove the portion about the toggle as this will no longer be available.

Mailing Labels Error

There appears to be a bug with the latest release of Infinite Campus. We have submitted the error to Infinite Campus and it is currently being addressed in SIS-145549. Hopefully we have a fix or work around soon.

Two new reports have been created that show the following fields:

  • Course,Section, Course Name, Teacher, Room, Period & number of students

There is one report for Cohort A and one for Cohort B. More details on the Dashboard here:

Blended Learning Cohort Reports

This weekend we are updating to the latest release of Infinite Campus, which includes changes to the Control Center and Assignment Editor. Below is a quick-reference video (3 minutes) that highlights these changes. The goal at Infinite Campus is to try to eliminate the amount of clicks needed to access Attendance, Assignments, Discussions and the new Questions feature.


Here is some additional documentation and training available:

Side By Side - Quick Reference Guide

Detailed Training Video (20 minutes)

Teachers on Campus - Control Center

National Training Week session recordings are available now through April 30, 2021. Follow the instructions here to access the recordings: https://www.infinitecampus.com/events/virtual-national-training-week

Upcoming Webinars


Enhancements to Campus Instruction & Campus Learning with Q&A

We're offering a FREE webinar that explains the important updates coming in the Campus.2104 release (planned for January 18) that will impact all teachers. Four time sessions are available - but hurry and register because space is limited. 

To secure your spot, sign into Campus Community, and then select the date that works best for you.  The links will take you directly to the sign-up page if you are logged in to the Campus Community: 

Check out the new look of Control Center and Assignments, plus see new capabilities for teachers like previews, resources, folders and questions. There will be time for a Q&A session as well. 

Can't make it? We'll email the recording out on December 11. 


Meet Your Presenter

Stephen Hallman will be hosting all sessions next week live! Additional trainers will be on the call to answer questions. 

Some Columbus City Schools employees have had their district password expire. This can impact logging into your e-mail, CCS computer (if you’re in the district) and Infinite Campus account.

The IT department has shared that you can reset your password from within your e-mail. Click on your initials (or photo) in top right from within e-mail. Then My account > Password Click that and reset your expired Columbus City Schools password

Blended Learning Group Codes

This page defines each of the blended learning groups (cohorts) and when each is returning to school.

We have added some ad-hoc reports to help with determining which students are scheduled to be in school when we return to in-person learning. See this page for details.

With a recent textbook adoption, we have been asked by the Curriculum team to update course descriptions in Infinite Campus for several English courses in Grades 6-12.  For the English 6-8 courses, the course names are being changed as well so that they match their counterparts in high school. This means that they are simple called "English" and not "English Literature and Composition."  This does not apply to the SPED courses called "Language Arts."

For questions regarding the names or descriptions, please reach out to Carla Mae Phillips.

You will see these changes occur over the next couple of days. This will NOT impact scheduling, as we are changing existing courses. See the attachment for details.

At some point, you may be asked to clear the Campus cookies from your Google Chrome browser. By following the steps below, you should be able to complete this task.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome

  2. At the top right, click on the ellipsis (three vertical dots)

  3. Click on ‘Settings

  4. Scroll down to ‘Privacy and security

  5. Click on ‘Cookies and other site data

  6. Click ‘See all cookies and site data

  7. At the top right, search for the website's name. (campus.columbus.k12.oh.us)

  8. To the right of the site, click on the trash can symbol to remove 

  9. After completed step 8, be sure to relaunch Google Chrome browser.

This support.google.com help page provides an easy way for people to clear cookies for a specific site under "Delete cookies from a site":

New Ad-Hoc reports have been created for each of the 44 meal pickup sites across the district. There is one report for each site, listing the students who live closest to that site by address (regardless of what school they attend). Index > Ad Hoc Reporting > Data Export > _All CCS Reports

This issue that you and others may be experiencing has been brought to the attention of the Infinite Campus Development team and assigned to SIS-140434. We will keep you posted when this has been resolved in a future release update.