Q & A's

Although we provide a great deal of training material on this site, there will still be questions on how to handle certain issues and situations.  Below are some questions that we've answered for users that can be helpful for everyone.  Have questions you would like to see added to this page?  Please email them to sbarringer@columbus.k12.oh.us.


(question)  Are there any routine reports that are required to be run by the attendance/discipline secretary besides the following:

  • Caller Report
  • Attendance Summary
  • Early Leave/Tardy
  • Absence Unknown
  • ACTR
  • Behavior Attendance Audit

Just want to make sure I don't miss anything!  I also want to make sure that the Caller report and Attendance Summaries do not have to be printed out, but must be made available on the school's shared drive.

(lightbulb)  I’m not aware of anything else as far as routine reports. Yes, you should print the caller report and summary report. I know that the ACTR and Behavior Attendance Audit does not have to be printed, but saved to the drive on a monthly basis. 

(question) Question from Super Secretary Jade Scriven:

Can the PLP log can be used to document any calls coming in/going out to parents/guardians regarding their students?  I would like to use this as a contact tracker, basically as a way to record specific communications between the attendance office and parents/guardians.

(lightbulb) Answer from Trainers and SDS team:

The PLP is the Personal Learning Plan and is designed for case managers.  However, we discussed using the PLP log in our team meeting.  We too think this would be valuable.  They are checking to see if this is possible.  Will keep you posted.

(question) Question from Super Secretary Jade Scriven:

Can either of you confirm that a student can sign themselves out of school at 18 years of age?

(lightbulb) Answer from Trainers and SDS team:

They would need to submit a written reason for the absence from school or class per Board Policy. And the absences aren't excused unless a note is received from a parent/guardian or professional entity.

Adaptive PE

Question from (General):

Many schools did not have the correct course for APE and they had to be updated and the rosters moved over.  What are the correct courses to use for Adaptive Physical Education by grade level?

Answer from Infinite Campus Support Team:


Question from (General):

I am looking at the manual for CCSDAS and I am not seeing how to make a correction to a withdrawal form. How do I make a correction?


See the Correcting Withdrawals page on this site.


Question from (General):

Scenario:  a student has been retained and that student goes to summer school and is able to now be promoted.  I assume the 15-16 year school will submit a grade change form.  However, the student is now being promoted to another school (e.g. from elementary to middle or from middle to high). How does the user determine which school the student will now attend?  How is a new enrollment created?

Answer form Central Enrollment Staff:

The school would complete the grade level change form.  Once it is approved and is received at Central Enrollment the grade level would be changed.  If the student is changing school for example a 5th grader to 6th grade or a 8th grader to a 9th grader (for traditional grade configurations)  then Central Enrollment will create a new enrollment record based upon the assigned school by address.



Are we able to give a secretary read only access to the health tab or is that only for nurses?


Because of the HIPPA laws, secretaries would only be able to view the immunizations of a student's health records.  


Question from (General):

Can secretaries change demographic information?

Answer from


Question from Super Secretary Jade Scriven:

Can we do a  printout of one of our lunch periods with pictures.  Do any of you know of to do this? FOLLOWUP: Also had a question if we could print rosters out with pictures from East HS.

Answer from Trainers:

I’m not aware of any roster that can be generated with pictures except teachers seating charts. Since this is a lunch course, there are no teachers assigned to be able to create a seating chart. Teachers can print rosters of their classes with pictures if they set up a seating chart.


Question from Super Secretary Nikita Cummings:

Where do you change the group name for the teachers so it will show in the Walk-In Scheduler?

Answer from Trainers:

Go to the Index tab> Scheduling > Scheduling Group.  Click on the name of the group and make the edit and hit save.  You do not have rights to this however, once school starts.  Put in a help desk ticket and one of our team members will be happy to change it for you. 

Question from (General):

Do 6th graders still get Interims if they do not have an Interim course in a K-6 school?

Answer from Trainers:

In K-6 schools, the 6th graders do not have the following courses assigned to them:




Work & Social Behavior

However, 6th graders will still get an Interim Report Card. 


Question from sub secretary:

How long is a parent expected to wait for the bus before returning home if it does not show up? 

Answer from Transportation: 

We do not have a set time that we ask parents to wait, we leave that to the digression of the parent.  We do encourage the parents that if possible before they leave the stop to call Transportation and we will have dispatch contact the driver to see if we can get them an ETA to the stop. I would encourage all parents to sign up for bus bulletin. Then the parents would see if there is a delay and make their decision. The parent can go to the CCS website, select Transportation and then from the Transportation page select CCS Bus Bulletin Registration.



If a student enrolls at a new out-of-district school on Monday, October 10 - should the end date for CCS be Friday, October 7 or Sunday, October 9.

Answer from EMIS:

The end date should be Sunday, October 9.


What is the correct process for a secretary to get a withdrawal corrected if it was from last school year? If we withdraw a student for Unable to Locate but then find a records request for instance. If it is the current school year they can resubmit the form in DAS, but what about for previous years?

Answer from EMIS:

The secretary should upload the new documentation to the Documents tab and to send an email to EMIS_Staff@columbus.k12.oh.us  so we can put a comment on the enrollment record. In the cases when these are corrections for High School students this information can come in handy when we are working on evaluating the dropouts for a specific Graduation cohort. With this said however, we are not going to update the withdraw date nor the code that was reported because last year reporting is closed. We are just going to make a note of it.