The Support Center - Scheduling

When a student is enrolled to The Support Center, these steps are necessary to complete in order to reflect proper attendance within the program.

  • A Support Center representative will notify the primary school of attendance of the student enrollment and start date. The enrollment and start date can be located on the Student Enrollment tab.


  • A school representative from the primary school of attendance with scheduling tool rights (administrator/counselor/secretary) will end date the student's schedule at his/her primary school.

Step 1 - End the Schedule

(1) Select the all active courses

(2) Enter the End Date one day prior to the enrollment start date at the Support Center. 

It may be necessary to use an End Date that is in the past; If this cannot be avoided notify the Building Administrator so that the attendance and grades can be reviewed for the student prior to continuing the schedule change.

(3) Repeat for every active course section.

Teachers associated with the students schedule will not have the ability to take attendance once the schedule is ended and the Support Center schedule blocker is added.

Absences added at Primary Enrollment AFTER the Success Center start date must be reviewed for accuracy.


Step 2 - Add the Schedule Blocker

Add The Support Center all day blocker course (N92111) to the student's schedule

(1) Search for the Course Name Support Center or Course Number N92111.

(2) Select + to expand the course name SUPPORT CENTER and select the section. Contact the Master Scheduler if the Support Center cannot be located in Search.

(3) Add the Start Date equal to the Support Center enrollment start date.

Scheduling a Student - Return from the Support Center

When the student returns from the Support Center to their primary school of attendance, the scheduler will reinstate the student's schedule. This must be done in a timely manner so teachers can begin documenting attendance and grades at the primary school.

Step 1 - End Date the Support Center Schedule Blocker

(1) Select the Support Center Course on the Student’s schedule.

(2) Enter the End Date one day prior to the return to class. 

Step 2 - Schedule the Student

(1) Schedule the student as normal.

(2) In most cases, the student will return to the same class schedule they followed previously. When reinstating a schedule the “new” entries must have a start date equal to the END date at the Support Center.

(2) Do not remove or change the end date that was entered when the student left to the Support Center.


If this process was not followed it can be corrected, however additional documentation is required. Additional documentation must be uploaded to the student's document tab and include a ".pdf" file of the student's attendance record and enrollment history prior to any changes being made. If you have further questions or need guidance, please call @Gregory Wisniewski at (614) 365-2014.