Attendance Reports

The following are the most used Attendance Reports.  Additional Reports can be located in the Attendance and Ad/Hoc sections in Infinite Campus.

Missing Attendance - Index > Attendance > Reports > Missing Attendance

 ūüÜē This report contains the same data as the Incomplete Teacher Attendance Report available in the Classroom Monitor. Unlike the Incomplete Teacher Attendance Report, this report lists the teachers who have not recorded attendance for a date range rather than a single day. The output is an Excel file sorted by teacher last name.

Register Report - Index>Attendance>Reports>Register

This report has two options:

Student Daily Attendance - This report Whole Day and Half Day attendance based on the number of minutes defined in the grade or calendar and displays the result each day for each student. The report also totals days Present, Absent, in Membership, and Off Roll for the selected date range. 

Course Section Attendance Register - This report prints student attendance records by course-section, 1 page per section. Each student reports total periods Present, Tardy, Absent Unexcused, Absent Excused, and Off Roll. A register will print for the Primary Teacher and any other Teachers who are active in the date range unless "Print a copy for the Primary Teacher only" is selected. This is a complex report, please try to limit the number of teachers and sections selected per batch.

Sub Attendance Roster - Index>Attendance>Reports>Sub Attendance Roster

This tool will print substitute attendance rosters

Caller Report - Index>Attendance>Daily Attendance>Caller Report

The Caller Report generates a list of students whose parents/guardians may need to be contacted to determine the status of the attendance event. Contact information displays along with the details of the attendance event for each student. Homeroom teacher, where used, appears below the student's name. The Caller Report displays attendance events on the entered date that have a status of Absent and an Excuse type of Unknown.

Only parents/guardians in the students Primary Household display on the report. Parents/guardians from a secondary household are not displayed.

Attendance Summary Report Index>Attendance>Daily Attendance>Summary Report

The Attendance Summary Report can be generated by Student number or Grade Level to show the attendance summary for student or grade level selected.  The Attendance Summary Report can be used to review the attendance events entered for the student or grade level selected.  This report must generated at the end of the school year, printed and filed in the student's cumulative.  /wiki/spaces/SC/pages/182345539.

Parent Authorization Verification Report - Index>Attendance>Reports>Parent Authorization Verification

This report list students who have 4 or more equivalent days of Parent Authorized absences.  

Attendance Change Tracking Report (ACTR) - Index>Attendance>Reports>Attendance Change Tracking 

This report will extract attendance changes that have been made for the selected attendance date range during the selected modification time frame. Each modification to a student‚Äôs section attendance is displayed in a separate row so please try to limit the length of the Attendance Date Range entered. The report can be printed in two formats CSV and HTML.  It is required that this report be ran monthly and stored in an electronic location that is accessible to the building principal. It is recommended it be ran weekly.  

Consecutive Absence Report - Index>Attendance>Reports>Consecutive Absence 

This report counts the instructional periods in which a student is scheduled during the date range entered. If the student is absent from all scheduled instructional periods the student is counted as absent in this report. Non-Instructional periods are ignored.
This report displays a summary of the attendance data by student and calendar. If the date range is left blank the report will default to the calendar start and end dates.

Average Daily Membership (ADM) and Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Detail ReportIndex>Attendance>Reports>ADM and ADA Detail

This report calculates Average Daily Membership & Average Daily Attendance based off either Whole Day & Half Day attendance defined in the calendar, or using an exact minute calculation. It summarizes the data by student, grade and calendar for the date range entered. Blank dates default to the start/end dates of the calendar.  This is a very complex report, please make sure only your school is selected in the field ‚ÄėWhich calendar(s) would you like to include in the report?‚Äô field.

Day Count Report - Index>Attendance>Reports>Day Count

This report calculates Whole Day & Half Day attendance based on the number of minutes defined for the school, and sums and filters the totals based on the report options selected.  This could be used to find which students qualify for Perfect Attendance, as long as they do not have any tardy marks.  

Students with Excused Absence Report - Index>Attendance>Reports>Students with Excused Absences

This report list dates of students who have any type of excused attendance, excluding early leave,disciplinary removal and IPASS enrollment wait period. **Newly included in the report are class excused codes. 

Period Detail Batch Report -  Index>Attendance>Reports>Period Detail Batch

This report will batch print student attendance period detail, 1 page or 2 pages per student suitable for handing out to students.

Tardy and Early Leave by Date Report - Index>Attendance>Reports>Tardy and Early Leave by Date

This report displays a list of students by date that have been marked as tardy or coded with an early leave.

Tardy and Early Leave by Name Report - Index>Attendance>Reports>Tardy and Early Leave by Name

This report displays a list of students by name that have been marked as tardy or coded with an early leave.

Unknown Absences - Index>Ad Hoc Reporting>Data Export>Attendance>student ATT Absence Marked as Unknown

This report lists all students who have an Unknown Absence.  Unknown absences greater than 5 days will result in a violation on Certify.

Unknown Tardy - Index>Ad Hoc Reporting>Data Export>Attendance>student ATT Tardy marked as "Unknown"


The Summary Report lists all attendance events recorded on a specific day.

Path: Index>Attendance>Daily Attendance>Summary Report

  1. Infinite Campus will default to the current date. In the Date field enter the desired date to generate the report
  2. Select Summary Report at the top of the tab. The Report will generate.

An explanation of the codes describing each attendance event appears at the end of the report. Homeroom teacher, where used, appears below the student's name.  This report displays all attendance entries for the day, including those with an Unknown excuse and those that have been processed by the attendance office.

 The report can be printed or saved for distribution in the building.     

Note:  The report will list the students in alphabetical order.  When Check-in mode is user the check-in time will appear in the Comment section under the student‚Äôs name.  Comments entered for the student appear in the Comments section and provides a way of communicating with building staff.

Global Connect, the District‚Äôs automatic phone dialer, will call the homes of students who have an unexcused absence(s) for the day.  The phone dialer will call between the hours of 5:00-9:00 p.m.  Please note that the phone dialer does not replace the responsibility of making a personal phone call when a student does not come to school.  It is a safety issue to ensure that we connect with families in the morning, especially at the elementary level.