New Way to Login - Starting on July 24th

On Monday July 24th, Infinite Campus will begin using Single Sign On (SSO) for authenticating to Infinite Campus. SSO is an easier and more secure way of logging in. Here are the some steps to assist with your first login. After this, initial login, you’ll simply need to click on the Staff Login to authenticate.

When you’ve reached the Infinite Campus login screen, you will click on Staff Login - Click Here button

⚠️ You will no longer use the Username - Password fields⚠️

You may be prompted with this screen first - great! You’re already logged in to your CCS account, simply click on your e-mail address to continue into Infinite Campus

If you’re not already logged into your CCS account, you’ll be prompted to enter your CCS e-mail address and password.




Department of Accountability & Other Support Services
Division of Information Management