The Chromebook Distribution form in Infinite Campus allows us to track students who receive Chromebook computers from the district to collect E-Signatures. Follow the instructions below to enter the appropriate information for each student.

To move through all students quickly, the best method is to search by student ID number using the All People search (1).

Choose the Forms tab (2) and click New (3).

Double-click next to Module to sort the list in reverse order (4). Click 2021/22 Chromebook Distribution and Return” to open the form (5).

When selecting fields pre-populate the form, make sure to choose the guardian that is present with the student. Click the Contacts field (6). They should have the guardian field set to ‘true’ (7).

Next, click the contacts.FirstName/LastName field (8). Make sure to select the same guardian selected in the field above (9). Click the Create Form button at the bottom to open the form.

Before the Chromebook can be distributed, we must have verbal acknowledgement from the Parent/Guardian indicating they acknowledge and understand the obligations outlined in the document. Once they acknowledge, check the Acknowledgement Check Box (10).

Next, verify that the Student Cohort year (11) for the student is correct for the day that you are doing the distribution (only applicable for high school students). Make sure that the Guardian Status is ‘true’ (12). If it is not, you have selected the wrong guardian.

The Disbursement Date (13) will default to the current date. The Disbursement Location (14) will default to the student’s primary enrollment school.

Type in the Unique Identifier number from the computer (15) and the ServiceTag/Serial Number (16).

If the computer is being disbursed from an alternate location (not the student’s primary enrollment school), change the Alt. Disbursement Location field (17) to the school where the computer was given out to the student.

Click the Save (18) button to save the form.

The “2021/22 Chromebook Distribution and Return” form will be saved to the student.

NEW 2021 - 2022

A “Chromebook Parent Acknowledgement” form will be automatically created and sent to the Parent Portal. This form can be found on the Forms tab once it has been automatically generated. It may take up to 24 hours to be added to the portal. The Parent will complete the Chromebook Parent Acknowledgement form by adding an eSignature.