Purpose of Infinite Campus Assessments

All staff that utilize Behavior, Scheduling, and Attendance modules in Infinite Campus are required to complete an annual knowledge assessment with and 80% or better score.  All Infinite Campus Assessments must be taken yearly to maintain tool rights to enter data into Infinite Campus. Those who have not completed their required assessments by 2:00pm on   will have security rights revoked from Behavior, Scheduling and Attendance modules until ALL required courses have been completed successfully. 

If you pass your assessments by the   deadline, no further action is required.   Only those users who do not meet the deadline will have their tool rights revoked.  If your tool rights have been revoked, check your PSW Transcript (instructions below) to be sure that you have passed ALL of your required assessments.  If you have not, you must take and pass the assessments and then submit a Campus Support Ticket to have tool rights to be reinstated.  If your tool rights have been revoked in error, please submit a ticket so that the issue can be corrected.

Required Assessments

There are 5 different assessments, as listed in the chart below.  Find your Role on the left side.  Assessments that are required for you will have a  label.  

Assessment Name


Elementary Attendance

Elementary Scheduling

Secondary Period Attendance

Secondary Scheduling

PSW Course #







Administrator (MS/HS)

Administrator (ES)

Administrator (K-8)

Counselor (MS/HS)

Counselor (ES)

Secretary (ES)

Secretary (MS/HS)

Secretary (K-8)

Sub Secretary (all)

Instructional Assistant (PEAK)

Documentation Links






REMEMBER:  You must complete ALL of the assessments required by your job role to retain the tool rights for all modules you have access to in Infinite Campus.  Partial access will not be granted.

How to log in to Public School Works

You can access Public School Works on the Columbus City Schools Internet page and selecting Staff.

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  • Click on the link to the PublicSchoolWorks login.

  • Once prompted to log in enter the following information:

Username: this is typically the first letter of your first name and then your last name.

Password: this is your employee ID number

  • Verify your information and move to the next step.

How to find the Infinite Campus Assessments

(warning) Infinite Campus Assessments are not assigned to you automatically.  It is your responsibility to enroll in the courses you need to retain tool rights in Infinite Campus.

  1. On the left side of your screen, under Menu, select Available Courses

  2. At the top, next to Select a Catalog, choose Columbus City Schools Custom Courses.

  3. Scroll down to find the Infinite Campus courses, or use the Search box to narrow down the list.

  4. Click the Enroll link for the course you need to take.

Enrolling in a course

  • Click on the Enroll link as shown above to begin the course.

  • You will get a message stating you are enrolled.  You now have the option of taking the course or going back and selecting another course to enroll into. 

  • Remember, if you decide to take the course later, just click on "Your Course List" under Menu to be taken back to the courses you have or have been assigned.  

Check your Transcript

To see a list of courses that you have taken, click on the Your Transcript link on the Menu