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Department of Accountability & Other Support Services

Walk-In Scheduler - Search Panel

Last Revision Date: August 30, 2019

Use the Search Panel to find specific courses to add to a student's schedule by entering search criteria, or do a full course search by not entering any search criteria.

You can search for courses by entering one or more of the following options:

  • Course Name (or part of the course name)
  • Course Number
  • Teacher's last name
  • Term in which the course meets
  • Period in which the course meets
  • Schedule
  • Team Name
  • Department

Click the Add Option to add additional search criteria.

 When the course displays, click the arrow next to the Course name to view information about the Course Section (i.e. the Section Number, how many students are in the section, the assigned teacher, and the terms, period schedules, and periods in which the section is scheduled). To display this information for all courses in the search set, click the arrow in the Course Name header.

Courses added to the student's schedule from the Search list are added as a Request and are visible on the Requests panel.


When searching for a course and choosing an option, the cells where that course is scheduled highlight in the background. If you have altered the Filter bar to hide some terms or periods you don't want to see, and attempt to search for a course, a Hidden Section Warning message displays asking if you want to continue with your settings or reset them. Click the Continue button to not make any changes to your schedule display, or click Reset, which causes the hidden Term to display again.  

When searching for a course:

  • *This should always be your first step. Enter the Effective Date of the student's enrollment in the course. You can enter this by typing in the date in mmddyyyy format, choose the calendar icon to select a date, or click the Today button to begin the course on the current date. Entered dates must be within the term dates of when the course meets. The entered date remains after adding a course. During the school year, it is essential that you understand that if the effective date is used incorrectly, it will delete grades and attendance data.
  • Select the Search Option from the dropdown list (Term, Course Name, Course Number, etc.) and enter the desired search criteria into the field or select the desired criteria from the dropdown list. To remove a Search Option, click the red X to the right of that option. To add more options, click the Add Option link.
  • Click the Search button for matching results to display.