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Department of Accountability & Other Support Services

Elementary Scheduling - Kindergarten Half Day

Last Revision Date: August 30October 5, 20192021

Parent/Guardian's may request a kindergarten student only attend school part time.  We are required to accept this request and document it appropriately.  Please use the  Half Day Attendance Form.pdf to document this request.

  • Student must attend a minimum of 50% of the student day and the student's schedule must be the same every week. A parent cannot choose to have their child attend alternating days or only specific days each week.
  • Parent must make the request in writing. The notification should indicate whether the child will attend AM only or PM and the effective start date the student will start attending part-time.
  • The notification must be signed and dated by the Parent/Guardian.
  • Principal must also sign and date the notification, indicating that they received this notification.
  • If there is an IEP that indicates that the student will be attending less than part-time, upload that page of the IEP to the documents tab in lieu of the parent letter.
  • Upload the documentation to the student's document tab in Infinite Campus.

The School must send email notification to the Area Superintendent and the Early Childhood Department Director.  

If approved for Half-day attendance: 

  • Email Include the student's enrollment percentage.  The EMIS staff will adjust on the student's enrollment percentage for state reporting.
  • The student's schedule on Infinite Campus must reflect the student is only attending Half Day.

Students that arrive to school after their designated start time or depart school prior to their designated end time must be reflected on the late arrival/early release logs and recorded in Infinite Campus.

To schedule a student for half day attendance, you must create a new section under the course N00035 Half-Day Attendance.  If this course is not available on your course deck, please submit an Infinite Campus Support Ticket to have it added to your school.

The period placement for the course sections must correlate with the half day as seen below:

  • AM Half Day - ONLY check the start of the day. Example Period H1 through L1
  • PM Half Day - ONLY check the end of the day. Example Period H4 through H7

You will also add a section to the course N00907 Partial Day Blocker to fill in the rest of the day for these students as seen below:

  • AM Half Day – ONLY check the end of the day. Example H4 – H7
  • PM Half Day – ONLY check the start of the day. Example H1 – L1

The teacher will be required to take attendance in the afternoon for Half Day Kindergarten PM students.

**If you have questions, please consult your Student Data Specialist.