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The Behavior Management Module allows the users to create new, modify existing, and delete behavior incidents.  Behavior Management allows the processing of referrals submitted electronically by staff. 


Every year, to receive your Infinite Campus tool rights you must first take the Infinite Campus Knowledge Assessments on Public School Works and pass with an 80% or above proficiency.  If the Public School Works Assessment is completed after the first day of school please submit a Campus Support Ticket to have your tool right to Behavior Management activated.  

Identifying your Behavior Admins

In order for a behavior event to be modified or a resolution added, it is important to identify staff members who will be selected as a Behavior Admin.  Individuals identified as a Behavior Admin will be appear in a drop down list in the Notify section of the Behavior ReferralThese users typically include those that are responsible for deciding the consequence for a behavior Incident (time out, suspension, etc.). 


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Behavior Overview

TaskLocation in IC Notes

Create the Incident

(All Campus Users)

Index > Behavior > Behavior Referral – Click New


Index > Behavior > Behavior Management – Click New

Beginning in the 2018-2019 School year - 

All  staff will submit online Behavior Referrals using the Infinite Campus Tool.


Create the Event

(All Campus Users)

Within the Incident, click Add Event / Participant


Add Participants

(All Campus Users)

Within the Incident, click Add Event / Participant

If multiple students are involved in one Event, be careful to add each student under the same Event.


Add Resolutions

(Behavior Admin Only)

Within the Incident, click Add

This button is not visible until the student is added to the Event. Multiple Resolutions can be assigned to a student.


Generate Letter

(Behavior Admin)

Index > Behavior > Behavior Letter Wizard

Instructions for generating Behavior Letters 

The behavior letter trigger criteria are pre-defined and are determined by the event type and the content of the letter.



(Behavior Admin Only)

Within the Incident, click the Status drop-down menu and select Complete

After all data entry has been completed for the Incident, change the Status to “Complete”. 

This is a manual process. Infinite Campus does not do this automatically.


Incident – An Incident is a group of Events linked by time and location. Incident reporting is similar to a police report – a record of occurrences at a specific time and place.

Event – An occurrence within an Incident. For example, in the “Pep Rally” Incident, you may have two Events: Stealing and Fight – Student/Student.

Participant – A student involved in the Event. 

Role – The function (Offender, Participant, Victim or Witness) the student played in the behavior Event

Resolution – The consequence assigned to the participant(s) of an Event. 

Out of School Suspension – Disciplinary action that involves denying the student access to the school campus for any part of the school day. This means a student can be suspended for less than a full school day

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